Monday, June 22, 2015

My Secret Fantasy

So recently read a post on FB that kinda inspired this picture. It was basically how someone's young girl was in her room playing pretend and what not, made me reflect on how fun it was to do that. ^ ^ Plus I really love how this bedroom turned out, so pastel-y, flowery, and just pretty. I'm really happy to announce I've been accepted as one of the bloggers for Razzberry Inc, so expect more of their beautiful goods! Also Ai Gacha will be ending soon so if you haven't hit it up yet - do so! Arcade and other events will be ending soon so don't miss out. @ @; Otherwise people hike prices on some things which is such a pain, but many should be just moving things to their main stores. ^ ^ I'm lookin forward to checking out the Origami hunt and event soon myself! Hope you all like the look.

Top - ALTAIR* - neko top .light blue. (Kawaii Project)
Underwear - ALTAIR* - neko pantsu .ecchi. (Kawaii Project)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Alice hair
Socks - !creamSH! - Short Socks -02- & Socks Tops (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Bag - Dear Deer - Gummy Kitty Bag [BabyBlue] (Kawaii Project)
Bracelet - ALTAIR* - bell bracelet .silver. (Origami Hunt Item - Free)
Lantern - .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. - {Natsu} daisy lantern A1 RARE (Origami Gacha)
Head Flowers - Astralia - My little Pradise Headpiece (Common) SKY BLUE (Ai Gacha Gacha)

Bed - Razzberry Inc. - Beary Darling Bed RARE (Arcade Gacha)
Bed End - Razzberry Inc. - Cubbies (Arcade Gacha)
Lamp - Razzberry Inc. - Bubble Lamp (Blue) (Arcade Gacha)
Nightstand - Razzberry Inc. - Nightstand (Arcade Gacha)
Armoire - Razzberry Inc. - Armoire (Arcade Gacha)
Curtains - Razzberry Inc. - Rainbow Bed Curtain (Arcade Gacha)
Word Art - Razzberry Inc. - Words of Wisdom (Arcade Gacha)
Rug - Razzberry Inc. - Donut Rug
Bag - Razzberry Inc. - Beach Baby Tote (Hello Beautiful)
White Daisy - .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. - {Natsu} daisy umbrella white (Origami
Blue Daisy - .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.- {Natsu} daisy umbrella blue (Origami Gacha)
Blue Cat - .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. - {Mr meow} sky (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Tan Cat - .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. - {Mr meow} SHU RARE (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Flower Table - [CIRCA] - "Garden Dream" Oval Table Cream & Yellow Hydrangeas (Ai Gacha
Paintings - [CIRCA] - "Garden Dream" Frame Duo Meadow Art Cream Wood (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Candles - [CIRCA] - "Garden Dream" Cage House of Candles (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Skybox - Toiz - White Broken Skybox RARE (Gacha)

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