Monday, June 15, 2015

Magical but Transparent

So sorry for not posting multiple times this week, been kinda hectic RL. @ @ Back into a magical feel with a lot of Altair's goodies, and Ai Gacha things. Lately I've been feeling a little down and unsure if I should continue blogging so we may see either some conclusion to what I'm doing in the future or some way to spice things up  - not too sure yet. Thanks everyone for the support and hope you like the look. ^ ^

Dress - BareRose - Sweet Skelton-L
Hair - .EMBW. - Huredhiel Hair Pastel (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Corset - ALTAIR* - babydoll harness .pink. M (ON9 Event)
Wand - ALTAIR* - bunny magic! staff SUPER RARE (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Necklace - ALTAIR* - bunny magic! necklace .pink. RARE (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Hair Ribbon - ALTAIR* - bunny magic! ribbon .pink. RARE (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Mascot Friend - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {PON~ pinku} animated (The Alchemy)
Shoes - BareRose -  White XoXo Lace (Tinted)

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