Monday, March 28, 2016

Botanic Booty

I'm not really good at blogging lingerie or some naughty things so please bare with my post. XD; This is a mostly angel and demon inspired picture but since there are so many colors of Cubic Cherry Kre-ation's latest gacha (available at The Gathering) I thought they'd fit in. The panties I'm wearing are available at Kinky Monthly, and the garter will be coming out from them at the Kawaii PonPon event (starts on April 1st!). So happy to have Hina help me out with pictures. Hope you like the look! ^ ^

Outfit - BareRose - Lilit
Hair - Ayashi - Saika
Wings - Somali - PataPataWing4-Devil (Gacha)

Outfit - BareRose - Baby Usako-L
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Cherry hair
Panties - Pixel Geek - Bunny panties Pink (Kinky Monthly)
Garter - Pixel Geek - Spiked bow garter (Kawaii PonPon)
Eyes - Sugoi Meow - Aisha

Furniture - .::Cubic Cherry::. -
04{Waterlilly} spirit lilac RARE (The Gathering Gacha)
05{Waterlilly} spirit black RARE (The Gathering Gacha)
09{Waterlilly} half-bubble lilac (The Gathering Gacha)
09{Waterlilly} bubbles lilac  (The Gathering Gacha)
10{Waterlilly} half-bubble black (The Gathering Gacha)
10{Waterlilly} bubbles black (The Gathering Gacha)
14{Waterlilly} flower lilac (The Gathering Gacha)
15{Waterlilly} flower black (The Gathering Gacha)
19{Waterlilly} petals A lilac (The Gathering Gacha)
19{Waterlilly} petals B lilac (The Gathering Gacha)
20{Waterlilly} petals A black (The Gathering Gacha)
20{Waterlilly} petals B black (The Gathering Gacha)

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