Saturday, March 26, 2016

Eggcelent Easter!

So going to wish everyone a Happy Easter weekend, however you celebrate it. ^ ^ For this picture I had Saori and Hina help me do an Easter Bunny Egg Approval setup - which ended up pretty fun! Some of the upcoming and new releases can be found in here - such as the majority of eggs are from Fawn's Demise as well as a pose. The socks and shoes I wore at going to be at Kawaii PonPon's event from Parfait, and the hair I had is at Lost & Found's current round from Ayashi. Wishing you all a happy holiday and hope you like the look~!

Hair - Ayashi - Nekoto

Bodysuit - {MelonBunny} - {GB} 0X Brite Luv Galactic Suit
Boots - {MelonBunny} - {GB} 0X Brite Luv Galactic Stompers
Hair/Ears - +Spellbound+ - Melona // Chapter II : Sky

Outfit - BareRose - Geishou Komachi-L
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Anzu hair (Lost & Found)
Shoes/Socks - [ parfait. ] - Lolita Shoes+Socks for Kemono .pink. (Kawaii PonPon)
Eggcessories - +Fawn's Demise+  - Eggtastic Easter PASTELS .Prop-Pose 3b&4b.
Pose - +Fawn's Demise+  - Eggtastic Easter .Pose 3.
Choker - !Oleander - ~ Jelly Baby Choker. (Arcade Gacha)

Egg1 - +Fawn's Demise+  - Eggtastic Easter PASTELS .Prop-Pose 6.
Egg2 - +Fawn's Demise+  - Eggtastic Easter NATURALS .Prop-Pose 5.
Bird - +Half-Deer+ - Candy Chickadee Bird Sugar
Bunny Deco1 - Sway's - [Bunny] Vase A . pink
Bunny Deco2 - Sway's - [Bunny] Vase B . blue
Deco Glass - +Half-Deer+ - Starglitter Tree Sugar White
Rainbow - +Half-Deer+ - Simple Rainbow Big Arch Sparkle

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