Saturday, May 14, 2016

Moony Cat Lounge

So starting to cover some new releases from some of my fave stores~ Starting off, I felt this hair had a Moon vibe to it; the new release from Ayashi available at Hairology. Plus to carry on the look [D]oki had a new released feline set that comes with a cute moon emblem for the forehead. We're resting on the new bed, available for kids and petites too, by LoveFox. My top is also going to be an upcoming release from LoveFox at the next round of PonPon. Other bits and bobs fill in the rest, and I'm always so thrilled when I have a male Hina with me~ Hope you like the look!

Shirt - krankhaus - Avatar 2.0 Disheveled Shirt
Boxers - krankhaus - Avatar 2.0 Boxers
Game - Le Primitif - Game Dude Decor - Black (Gacha)
Moon Emblem - [D]oki - Moon Emblem
Ears/Tail - [D]oki - Cat Set Black

Sweater/Top - {LoveFox} - Kawaii Sweater; School Sailor (PonPon)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Nodoka hair (Hairology)
Moon Emblem - [D]oki - Moon Emblem
Bed - {LoveFox} - Walnut Bed; Cream {Adult} (Enchantment)
Computer - *MishMish* - Cutie Moon Computer white

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