Friday, May 6, 2016

Natty Batty

So I struggled with the name for this, but just for reference - Natty is another term for fashionable. XD; I really went out on a limb (not a bat joke) and had fun playing around with LoveFox's bows and combining it with their sweater. It's a great top on it's own but I really felt like it wasn't showcased enough, the bows, with how they can really liven up any outfit or really add some flare to something that doesn't even need it! Or... I could just be addicted to cutesy bows. XD But regardless, this will be my finishing up post for Kowai PonPon. Also had the latest updo from Ayashi, that's still at SaNaRae. I received a new sponsor from AsteroidBox and went out on another reach with their nipple clamps, finding them actually cute as earrings (plus big bat ears can easily pull them off too!). You can find the links to the events and stores on the side, make sure to check them out. Hope you like the look!

 Sweater - {LoveFox} - Sweater; Slime (Kowai PonPon)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Kiyoko hair (SaNaRae)
Bows - {LoveFox} - Kowai Bow; Lavender (Kowai PonPon)
Bows2 - {LoveFox} - Kowai Bow; Aqua (Kowai PonPon)
Ears/Tail/Wings - [D]oki - Bat (Kowai PonPon)
Ear Clamps - AsteroidBox. - Nipple Clamps // Heart Charm
Eyes - Sugoi Meow - Elsword Eye Collection Lu
Stockings - Utilizator - MB2 Stocking
Shoes - Utilizator - MB2 Skateshoes

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