Monday, May 30, 2016

Planetarium Protector

So this was a very starry picture, it made me think of planetariums (I wish to go one someday!). Most of the accessories are from LoveFox, which will have them available at PonPon. The dress will be at the same event from Pretty Things, and it comes in other color options. Hope you like the look!

Dress - Pretty Things -  Magical Dress Blue (PonPon)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Nodoka hair
Collar - {LoveFox} - Star Collar; No Spikes (PonPon)
Hairpin - {LoveFox} - Star Pin (PonPon)
Earrings - {LoveFox} - Star Earrings (PonPon)
Wand - {LoveFox} - Love Wand; Celestial (PonPon)
Nails - {sallie} - Sweets Nail 2 Casual 20 Banana Dessert (Whimsical Gacha)
Socks/Shoes - PARADISIS - My warmers

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patricia cruz said...

Where did you get your avatar from , i been trying to find it for the past 2-days -_-". Btw ur avatar is adorable >0<.