Thursday, July 28, 2016

Kakigori Kompanions

Unfortunately I've been sick RL, going through net troubles, and lots of pain in the neck things so trying to catch up with the normal blogging. Thanks for your support and patience! This set is mostly covering the one of the gachas Toiz has available at the Okinawa event, a kakigori/shaved ice gacha with lots of furniture and noms. Also showing off more of the hair Ayashi has at the hair fair, and one of BareRose's matsuri outfits. Always so happy to do a group pic together, hope you like the look!

Hair - .Atomic. - {Hair} Sugar Coated Pastels
Kimono/Geta - **milky-way - *14-15 Yukata -Yagasuri Momo-

Hair - Exile - :: Minutes In Reverse
Dress - =Zenith= - Boho Summer Dress

Outfit - AMITOMO - rainy day's morning / 2 / M (Okinawa Gacha)
Hair: YumYum - barberyumyum 71

Outfit - BareRose - Mini Awa Dancer
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Kichi hair (Hair Fair)
Necklace - +Half-Deer+ - Purrfect Patisserie Cat Strawberry Necklace (Arcade Gacha)
Choker - [ dami ] - Cubic Heart Choker #blue

Decor -
[Toiz] 1. kakigori machine (Okinawa Gacha)
[Toiz] 2. syrup (Okinawa Gacha)
[Toiz] 3. flag (Okinawa Gacha)
[Toiz] 4. box deco (Okinawa Gacha)
[Toiz] 5. table set (Okinawa Gacha)
[Toiz] 6. kakigori menu (Okinawa Gacha)
[Toiz] 7. kakigori deco blue hawaii (Okinawa Gacha)
[Toiz] 8. kakigori deco lemon (Okinawa Gacha)
[Toiz] 9. kakigori deco ichigo (Okinawa Gacha)
[Toiz] 10. kakigori deco melon (Okinawa Gacha)
[Toiz] 15. at the okinawa rare (Okinawa Gacha)
DaD DESIGN "Mediterranean Palm Tree" BIG - c/m

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