Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Spooky Scary Spectres

So we're finally finishing up Trunk or Treat and it'll be gone soon - so make sure to go asap! We got gifts from multiple stores at the event, also the gift noses from LostJunction, and gift from Junk Food as well as jar ghosts and other things they hid in the hunt at ToT, Meanwhile the ortofix headgear from RC Cluster can be found at the Geeks N Nerds event. The Cute or Die new dress is available at Bloody Horror Fair and fitted for multiple avs/sizes. Finishing up is a new hairstyle from Ayashi available at SaNaRae. Currently having issues with my main computer so stuck on the laptop for awhile. T^T Hope you like the look!

Outfit - [Cute or Die!] - "Darkness" dress Maitreya (Bloody Horror Fair)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Tamami hair ver2 Boobs (SaNaRae)
Hairbows - [^.^Ayashi^.^] Tamami bow (SaNaRae)
Headgear -RC Cluster- Orthofix Headgear Blue (Geeks N Nerds)

Balloon - Little Llama -  BOO-loon (Trunk or Treat Gift)
Bucket - Sugar&Spice - Trunk or Treat 2016 CandyBucket gift (Trunk or Treat Gift)
Mini Shoulder Ghost - . tiptoes - Ghostie Plush (Trunk or Treat)
Wooden Castle - Junk Food - Castle Byers (Trunk or Treat Gift)
Ghost Jar - Junk Food - Jar of Scary Boo (Trunk or Treat)
Nose1 - [LostJunction] - Funny Nose Witchy Sniffer (Trunk or Treat Gift)
Nose2 - [LostJunction] Funny Nose - Troll (Trunk or Treat Gift)
Pumpkin Box - { Sugar&Spice } - Growing Pumpkin Patch (Trunk or Treat)
Ghosts1 - LAGOM - Spooky Ghosties [Lights] (Trunk or Treat)
Ghosts2 - LAGOM - Spooky Ghosties [IAmLight] (Trunk or Treat)
Ghosts3 - LAGOM - Spooky Ghosties [Flying] (Trunk or Treat)
Ghosts4 - LAGOM - Spooky Ghosties [IHeartU] (Trunk or Treat)
Ghosts5 - LAGOM - Spooky Ghosties [Spooked] (Trunk or Treat)
Ghosts6 - LAGOM - Halloween Memories Frame [Mixed] (Trunk or Treat Gift)
Glasses1 - Pygar's - Cartoon "Eyes" Grouchy (Trunk or Treat Gift)
Glasses2 - Pygar's - Cartoon "Eyes" Ughh (Trunk or Treat Gift)
Pumpkin Shack - BabyBurp - Treat 2016 Halloween shack (Trunk or Treat Gift)

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