Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Unusual Xmas Wish

So this is a funny take on the usual wishing for christmas take that some people like to do. XD I also luck out with the fun stuff that RC Cluster puts out and can twist it into some unique stuffs. We'll start with apparel stuffs before decor. RC Cluster has out a spell book and fantasy floater AO at 11:11, a magic smoke gacha at the Coven, and a mirror at Pretty Things. My head chain is a new release from AsteroidBox. Also Congratulations to Mokyu on their 3rd year anniversary; as that's where my new eyes are from. They're a cute and free group gift with multiple colors. ^ ^ Decor Time! Most of the furniture pieces are available from the new gacha set from Toiz that is at Kawaii Project, while the floor baubles will be available from them at Tennenbaum. The giant clock in the back is available from Cubic Cherry at Oneword; then the snowman, tree topper, and extra christmas ornaments will be from them in the form of gacha and for sale at Tennenbaum as well. Hope you get all your Holiday Wishes and you like the look! ^ ^

Outfit - cottonCANDYmonsteR - Cute Winter Coat
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Saika
Shoes - Anachron - Snow Bunny Boots
Spellbook -RC Cluster- Spell Book for The Good - Gold (11:11)

Outfit - BareRose - Acubie
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] Nodoka hair
Head Jewels - AsteroidBox. - Head Chain // Red - Silver
Magic Smoke -RC Cluster- Magic Smoke Purple (Coven Gacha)
AO -RC Cluster- Fantasy Floater with glitter (11:11)
Eyes - Mokyu - AHS&AHS2-Applier-3rd anniversary Eye-SP (Group Gift/Free)

Floor Bulbs - Toiz. - Noel jar lamp (Tennenbaum)
Rug - Toiz. - (1) i'm pink rug (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Pictures - Toiz. - (2) i'm pink frame (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Files - Toiz. - (3) i'm pink file box (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Plant - Toiz. - (4) i'm pink pot (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Books - Toiz. - (5) i'm pink books (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Lamp - Toiz. - (6) i'm pink lamp (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Trash - Toiz. - (7) i'm pink trash (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Deskset - Toiz. - (8) i'm pink desk set rare (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Mirror -RC Cluster- Hello Pretty Mirror Pink (Pretty Things)
Clock - .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Tick Tock} wall clock silver (Oneword)
Snowman - .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Mr. Snowy} pink (Tennenbaum)
Tree Topper - .::Cubic Cherry::. - 02{Worn decor} tree topper silver RARE (Tennenbaum Gacha)
Extra Xmas Bulbs - .::Cubic Cherry::.
03{Worn decor} ball glass-gold (Tennenbaum Gacha)
04{Worn decor} ball glass-silver (Tennenbaum Gacha)
05{Worn decor} ball glass-pink (Tennenbaum Gacha)
06{Worn decor} ball glass-red (Tennenbaum Gacha)
08{Worn decor} ball stripes-A (Tennenbaum Gacha)
09{Worn decor} ball stripes-B (Tennenbaum Gacha)
10{Worn decor} ball stripes-C (Tennenbaum Gacha)
11{Worn decor} ball plain-gold (Tennenbaum Gacha)
12{Worn decor} ball plain-silver (Tennenbaum Gacha)
13{Worn decor} ball plain-pink (Tennenbaum Gacha)
14{Worn decor} ball plain-red (Tennenbaum Gacha)
Christmas Tree - [DDD] - Christmas Tree

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