Friday, November 25, 2016

Sweettea Party

So this is a cute play on words instead of Sweetie, I made it Sweettea which fits this theme very well. I love being able to do super cutesy pics like this a lot of the time because I am addicted to le kawaii and noms. ^ ^v A lot of these were available at a past event but now LoveFox has them available at their main store - as well as a black friday sale today only along with Brush! So make sure to check it out while you can. Also managed to hit up the one day black friday sale at Doe for this hair from their gacha too (what a pain to win things you want tho ;A;). The hearts and bubbles are available from Cubic Cherry at Whimsical; while the background candy is from them too at Enchanted. Other bits and bobs make sure to check out as well. Hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving and sales weekend. Hope you like the look!

Sweettea Party
Dress - {LoveFox} - Tea Time Dress; One Size Fits Most
Chest Bow - {LoveFox} - Tea Time; Bow
Hair - Doe - Lolli solid Pastels (Gacha)
Lollipop Accessories - Doe - Lolli Lolllipops (Gacha)
Collar - BareRose - Maid T5C3 PaleBlue Collar
Cuffs - BareRose - Maid T5C3 PaleBlue ForeArms
Shoes - BareRose - Maid T5C3 Shoes
Nails - [CxC] - MeshNail002*Holy Night*:Casual (CCB)
Earrings - . Sweet Thing. - Strawberry Melty Moon Earrings Starshine (Gacha)

Bubbles & Candy - .::Cubic Cherry::. -
{Amore} bubble A pink .::Cubic Cherry::. (Whimsical)
{Amore} trail pink .::Cubic Cherry::. (Whimsical)
{Amore} bubble C pink .::Cubic Cherry::. (Whimsical)
{Amore} bubble B pink .::Cubic Cherry::. (Whimsical)
{Candy Lure} smurf .::Cubic Cherry::. (Enchantment)
{Candy Lure} milk .::Cubic Cherry::. (Enchantment)
{Candy Lure} violetta .::Cubic Cherry::. (Enchantment)
{Candy Lure} strawberry .::Cubic Cherry::. (Enchantment)

Sweets & Table - {LoveFox} -
{L} Tea Time; Black Tea (Gacha)
{L} Tea Time; Honey Tea (Gacha)
{L} Tea Time; Blonde Tea (Gacha)
{L} Tea Time; Sugar Cubes (Gacha)
{L} Tea Time; Heart Cookies (Gacha)
{L} Tea Time; Small Cookie Plate UNCOMMON (Gacha)
{L} Tea Time; Small Cookie Plate 2 UNCOMMON (Gacha)
{L} Tea Time; Small Sandwich Plate UNCOMMON (Gacha)
{L} Tea Time; Small Cake Slices Plate UNCOMMON (Gacha)
{L} Tea Time; Full Plate UNCOMMON (Gacha)
{L} Tea Time; Strawberry shortcake RARE (Gacha)
{L} Tea Time; Strawberry Love Cake RARE (Gacha)
{L} Tea Time; Deluxe Waffle RARE (Gacha)
{L} Tea Time; 3 Tier Platter ULTRARARE (Gacha)
{L} Tea Time; Table ULTRARARE (Gacha)

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