Saturday, August 13, 2011

Apricot Paws Salvatrix Releases

Today I'm sharing with you the new release at Apricot Paws, love love love this furry friendly clothing shop and can't wait for more releases. Todays set is called the Salvatrix Sets; the shirts and vest sets. Apparently these are remakes of two early releases but with improved shading and constructionl; also sized a little better to be more furry friendly.

These have really nice options as far as clothing goes. The shirt pack each comes with male and female shading with sculpted collar; as well as long sleeve/short sleeve option and sheer/opaque variants of the color. The vest sets have male and female version with unisex pants, laceup details on the back of the vest and sides, and sculpted cuffs with plain or pinstripe version for each color.

The Salvatrix Shirts are sold as single colours (of which there are 16) and in two fatpacks (a bright and a dark set, latter of which also includes a white shirt) - 175L per colour, and 700L per fatpack. The Salvatrix Vests and Pants are bundled together in 4 colour packs and 1 fatpack - 225L per colour and 400L for the fatpack.

In this pic I'm wearing the sheer purple shirt and grey pinstripe pants from the vest set. Sorry to disappoint you would normally see nipples but I try to keep the site nudity-free. XD The black vest set with no shirt, just the plain set. The white shirt with purple pinstripe vest set. Lastly the deep blue long sleeve version of the shirt with the brown vest set pants.

Apricot Paws can be found at their mainstore here

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