Monday, August 22, 2011

Yellow Sunshine in the Sugar Garden!

So Esuga has opened a new shop called The Sugar Garden recently with some really cute items. ^^ They're mostly known for their skin but I asked for a nice package to show off their not to well known items, like their furniture, accessories, and outfits. They just recently opened and you can also check out their new lucky boards if you want a taste of things for yourself before buying. This outfit may not be for everyone because the skirt is no mod and some of us out there are a lil well you know. XD I really like the concept and thought it was adorable. I also modded one of the corset ribbons to make a neckbow, I thought it was a nice touch. :3 I also really enjoy the head ribbon, you can get it in a variety of colors but it's just one of those adorable touches that I think can finish off an outfit.

I also really liked the flowers in here, I thought they were a cute addition to the picture. Their prices are very reasonable when it comes to furnishing pieces. Like you could get similar tulips from Feather for crazy prices but these are low cost and sometimes just nice to spruce up your house with. Yellow normally isn't something you'll see me in but I hope you'll like it. Also tried to go with a mash up of both blogging styles so you get feedback and the info.

Dress - Little Bo Peep Dress in Yello - TSG - L$350
Ribbon - Big Couture Floppy Bow in Satin - TSG - L$250
Flowers - Colorful Tulips with Peacock Accent (28 prims) - TSG - L$45
Socks - Marchen yellow socks - Edelweiss - L$100
Yellow Makeup - hoppe/cheeks/yellow/chin - BP* - N/A (Hunt Freebie)
Hair - Trixie Hair White (Tinted & Modded) - Truth - L$250

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