Friday, January 17, 2014

Candy Pop Star Idol~

So I got a little behind in my blogging so having a lot of cute nom things coming up (is there any surprise of this?). It was partially inspired by the CandyCandy song Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has done, just switched up if I was doing it instead. Though in retrospect.. should've had a creepy giant floating onion in here... Ah well! Hope you all enjoy it and remember to check out some of the interesting products. ^ ^ One thing I hope to inspire people is to look at things in a different way from how they're advertised sometimes.

Outfit/Front Ribbon/LegRibbons - BareRose - Candy Candy-L
Hair/Side Ribbon - Wasabi Pills - Sachiko (Modded)
Mouth Nom - Amai - Kumaface Milk Chocolate
Ice Cream - Amai - Too Sweet Ice Cream Pink Inusweets
Shoes - Paradisis - My Warmers Pastel
Legwarmers - Paradisis My Warmers Neutrals
Ring - BABY - Cute Heart Wing (Group Gift)
Horns - Aisling - Truffles Horns RARE (Gacha)
Most Poses - HelaMiyo - Rock
Face Charms - Little Glass Wish - Starry Anime Face Charms
Backpack - Little Glass Wish - Cupcake Backpack Blue (not released yet)
Tail - Little Glass Wish - Neko Donut Tail (not released yet)

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