Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Le Mont Saint-Michel We Knew You Well

So with a heavy heart and after five long years we will be saying goodbye to the Le Mont Saint-Michel sim. This place has been very very near and dear to my heart. I've known this sim for what feels like forever and it was featured on many SL land places as one amazing place to visit. It was built by Moeka Kohime and just a lovely recreation of the real location. I even remember how many weddings were held in it's lovely chapel. Unfortunately I never got to but I took a picture anyway to just enjoy the luxury of it's existence.

And how could I forget my wonderful Japanese friends I made and how nervous I was when I got hired at Le Café Poulard. Moeka did an amazing job scripting an omelette making system for the maids here so you got a special omelette that had to actually be scripted to wait and make and then script selected who to serve to. Also Feather's custom cups made for the café just lovely! This makes them a totally cute collectors items for those interested. ^ ^

Then there's even more to this sim. We've had our lovely Choice! events and there are hidden secrets around the sim which manage to keep me exploring and always going back for more. I know I had fun doing a silly little cosplay pic here just because not many can even find the secret hanger bay of the sim. Hehe~

So I implore everyone before the sim disappears near the end of January, go explore, take pics, enjoy the magic that is Le Mont Saint-Michel and Thank you Moeka for your hard work and dedication that you brought to mine and so many others SL lives.

Wedding Pic
Gown - BareRose - Wedding Ageha Grande-L
Bouquet/AO - BareRose - White Grace Bouquet
Tiara/Veil - BareRose - Brilliance Tiara
Hair - Elikatira - Season 2 (Not Available)
Location - Mont Saint Michel Chapel

Cafe Pic
All items in the picture are unavailable, sorry they were cafe staff only items when it were open. ^ ^; You can get the uniform *Edelweiss* Parrot at their store but not the same color.
Location - Mont Saint Michel Cafe Poulard

Cosplay Pic
EyePatch - BareRose - Medical EyePatch SE White L
Hair - Zero Style - Mary (Modded)
Outfit - BareRose - Rei (Not Available)
Location - Mont Saint Michel Secret Hanger

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