Friday, January 3, 2014

Sexy Sailor Senshi!

So like a lot of other Sailor Moon fans out there, I drooled over the new tsg gacha a ton. Can't say how much it kinda urks me because I think I've seen so many wearing them and not fans of the series or realize anything XD;; Ah fandom annoyance. Also lack of Sailor Cosmos T^T My faveeeee... I felt so lucky I wasn't alone in this. Me and Saori eeped with joy over this and Hina and Cara joined in with us which was great. I was so happy with how this picture came out and hope you all enjoy it too. ^ ^

Outfit - tsg - Sentofuku Lingerie Jupiter (Gacha)
Hair - Magika - [Hair S] Later
Shoes - G Field - Short Lace-Up Boots
Anime Head - Utilizator - M3 head

Outfit - tsg - Sentofuku Lingerie Moon RARE (Gacha)
Hair - 0 Style - Ryo (Modded)
Shoes - Abyss - SuperFox Boots Red (Store MIA)
Wand - tsg - Moonlight Magic Cutie Moon Rod Pink RARE (Gacha)
Choker/Earrings/Tiara - Ash's Trash - Sailor Moon
Anime Head - Tonic Takeover - Rusty (Modded & Discontinued)

Outfit - tsg - Sentofuku Lingerie Mars (Gacha)
Hair - 0 Style - Ichika
Shoes/Gloves - Lux - Sailor Mars
Anime Head - Utilizator - M3 Head

Outfit - tsg- Sentofuku Lingerie Chibi Moon (Gacha)
Hair/Shoes/Tiara/Earrings - Ash's Trash - Sailor Chibi Moon
Choker - Two Cats One Cup - Ink's Neko Collar of Doom
Anime Head - Utilizator - M3 Mesh Anime Head (Modded)
Luna P - Genesis - Luna Ball

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