Monday, April 7, 2014

Melting From Your Love~

Ok ok, so it's kinda apparent I have an addiction to the Melty line of products from Epic since I just can't resist melting chocolate looks. Really had to spend a ton to get a lot of this but worth it. @ @ I even have the socks that go with it but they didn't show that hint of leg I love, ehehe~  But yes I promise I'll get on my other things, now that I finally pieced this together. I had a lot of fun with it too! Also wanna apologize if there's any little glass wish stuff you wish to purchase, you can IM me and I'll sell it to you. ;3; I'm just so bad with ads. Well hopefully one of a few upcoming posts this week. Hope you all enjoy it. ^ ^

Top - Epic - Cute.Phat.Azz.Sweet.Goo.Set-Chocolate (Gacha)
Dress - Epic - Melty Qi Lolita Dress Chocolate
Hair - ploom - Isabel [boobs] (large) - Pastels
Earrings - Dugong-Dou - JF 2014 Marine Life Mesh Pierces 'Clione' (Japan Fair 2014)
Necklace - Epic - Kawaii Sweet Goo Necklace! Chocolate (Gacha)
Watch - Epic - Kawaii Sweet Goo Watch! Chocolate (Gacha)
Crown - Epic - Sparkle Pop Queenie Crown! Melty Chocolate (Group Gift)
Socks/Shoes - BareRose - Chocola
Face Chocolate - Little Glass Wish - Choco LOVE Face Deco
Ring - BABY - Cute Heart Ring
Backpack - Little Glass Wish - Kawaii Easter Treat Backpack (Not Available Yet)

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