Friday, April 18, 2014

Sweet Treat Easter

Wheee, so happily this is my first post for Pantsu*Hunter. Thank you for taking me on as a blogger m( _ _ )m I really wanted to rush to get this one done for Easter cause it's just so cute and fitting. I had a tough time with accessories because apparently all my easter stuff is messed up in my inven. XD; I really love when dresses come in different colors cause I feel you're not as restricted and can really express yourself. Regardless! Warm wishes to everyone to have a happy easter and get tons and tons of candy!

Hair - Love Soul - Hair*103*Purple
Shoes - BareRose - Karmilla White
Shoulder Bunny - Sanu - Bunneh in an Easter Egg
Ring - Baby - Cute Heart Ring
Face Charms - Little Glass Wish - Starry Anime Face Charms

Blue Dress
Dress - Pantsu*Hunter -  Rabbit Blue
Head Peeps - Plastik - Bunnypeeps Head Blue (Unsure if Available)
Mouth Peeps - Little Glass Wish - Omnom Rainbow Peep Conga (Not for Sale Yet)

Pink Dress
Dress - Pantsu*Hunter -  Rabbit Pink
Head Peeps - Plastik - Bunnypeeps Head Pink (Unsure if Available)
Easter Basket - Epic - Kawaii Easter Basket Gift 2011 (Unsure if Available)

Red Dress
Dress - Pantsu*Hunter -  Rabbit Red

Green Dress
Dress - Pantsu*Hunter -  Rabbit Green
Head Peeps - Plastik - Bunnypeeps Head Green (Unsure if Available)

Purple Dress
Dress - Pantsu*Hunter -  Rabbit Purple
Head Peeps - Plastik - Bunnypeeps Head Lavender (Unsure if Available)
Egg - Little Glass Wish - Rolling Cadbury Creame Egg (Not for Sale Yet)

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