Monday, April 28, 2014


So I think my gamer-ness blew a gasket when I saw FuubutsuDou post their gacha for the upcoming Fantasy Gacha Fair (May 3rd it starts), because I could tell they made an inspired kimono from some of the sexiest kitsune girls evarrrr~ I really need to give Nya Alchemi a lot of credit because, lately a lot of people have been whining about things being ripped from games, but it's clear she made this on her own and they are fantastic. PLUS! I can wear my Lolas with them!!!!! You have no idea how difficult it can be to find lola-compatable wear, much less beautiful kimonos! Sorry I am way over gushing this one and seriously if you haven't checked out the game Muramasa, make a point to, it's really nice. Just a heads up though the gacha from FD is separate for the accessories(L$25) and the kimonos(L$75) but still just lovely regardless. Another quick thing I wanted to point out about the kimonos, I'm glad it's long and set up with an alpha that I don't need to worry about shoes and clipping. ;3; Also was really happy with the latest LCKY releases coming with non-rigged versions because sometimes I have trouble fitting rigged mesh hair with my anime head or my titten. This is a really happy post from an overjoyed kittybutt. ^ ^

P.S. - Just a heads up for the FD gacha, there are kitsune accessories to be won but I just wanna cosplay and try to be a smexy muramasa themed kittybutt!

Orange -
Kimono - FuubutsuDou - RARE Orange Kimono  (includes Lolas Tango Applier)  *Gacha*
Hair - LCKY - Eilfie Disaster Color
Lantern - FuubutsuDou - Common Paper Lantern Yumihari Chouchin *Gacha*

Kimono - FuubutsuDou - Common Green Kimono  (includes Lolas Tango Applier)  *Gacha*
Hair - LCKY - Rhiannon Disaster Color
Parasol - FuubutsuDou - Common Wagasa/ parasol *Gacha*

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