Thursday, October 16, 2014

Casual In Rapture

So many things still to cover, and lots of great events are popping up this month. I was surprised to not be utterly swamped with nothing but Halloween stuff. But, for those not super into the holiday, make sure to check out the Seasons Story event and the Mystic Realm Faire. These are just a couple sneak peeks in a more casual tone, dunno why I felt Rapture setting was kinda fitting..., but many more to come! ^ ^ Hope you enjoy the look.

Table/Chairs - Kei Spot - Kei's Bakery Cafe Table (red) (Mystic Realm Faire)
Bakery Display - Kei Spot - Kei's Bakery Display Case (red) (Mystic Realm Faire)

Jacket - MotiAme - High Collar Coat Navy (Seasons Story Event)
Skirt - MotiAme - Box Pleated Skirt Black (Seasons Story Event)
Hair - Ayashi - Zarina (Mystic Realm Faire)
Sunglasses - TOMGA - LEON Sunglasses BLACK
Socks - Edelweiss - School-Line Loose Socks
Shoes - Edelweiss - School Loafer Black

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