Monday, October 13, 2014


So I'm finally (now that I got a moment to blog) wrapping up with the Candy Fair Exclusives! I'm proud and sad at the same time, because I really loved this fair but also happy I was able to complete the blogging I needed to do but I'm really gonna miss all the amazing noms! A huge shout out for the people who supported me 'cause I really struggled during furniture things and trying to make it look as good as the other bloggers; but I obviously have a long way to go. @ @; Hope you enjoyed it and make sure to check out all the amazing things!

Rug - Sway's - [Sweet] Rug chocolate (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Table - Sway's - [Sweet] coffee table chocolate (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Chairs - Sway's - [Sweet] Armchair chocolate (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Couch - Sway's - [Sweet] Sofa . chocolate (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Orange - Sway's - [Fruit] Cushion orange (wear or rez) RARE (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Pineapple - Sway's - [Fruit] Cushion pineapple (wear or rez) (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Kiwi - Sway's - [Fruit] Cushion kiwi  (wear or rez) (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Lemon - Sway's [Fruit] Cushion lemon (wear or rez) (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Cherry - Sway's [Fruit] Cushion cherry (wear or rez) RARE (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Pear - Sway's [Fruit] Cushion pear  (wear or rez) (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Apple - Sway's [Fruit] Cushion apple (wear or rez) (Candy Fair Exclusive)

Dress - Kawaii - Lollipop Dress Strawberry (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Hair - LCKY - Vivianne
Ice Cream Carrier - yumyums - Quarter Cone Queen Carrier RARE (Candy Fair Gacha Exclusive)
Umbrella1 - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {Mephy~ pink choco} umbrella (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Umbrella2 - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {Mephy~ pink} umbrella (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Cotton Candy Plushie - Razzberry Inc. - Yummies (Cotton Candy-Pink) (Candy Fair Gacha Exclusive)
Collar - yumyums - Kitty Collar {Gold} RARE (Body Modification Gacha Fair)
Hat - yumyums - Debbie Cakie Hat {Strawberry} (Candy Fair Gacha Exclusive)
Shoes - Sweet Thing - Lovely Creepers White

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