Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sweets N Cards~

There's so much to cover on the Candy Fair but I'm hoping to cover all the items I have before the week is up. I should have called this week - Om Nom Nom week. XD Anyways, I hope you're enjoying it. Pretty much everything I've been showing is fantastic exclusives from the Candy Fair, so make sure to check out the 2 sims of amazing items and gacha!

Heart Pouf1 - Sway's - [Heart Candy] Pouf love you RARE (Candy Fair Exlcusive Gacha)
Heart Pouf2 - Sway's - [Heart Candy] Pouf sweet heart RARE (Candy Fair Exlcusive Gacha)
Heart Pouf3 - Sway's - [Heart Candy] Pouf xoxo RARE (Candy Fair Exlcusive Gacha)
Chairs - Myrrine - Cafe chair pink (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Table - Myrrine - cafe table pink (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Teacup1 - Myrrine - Tea cup 2 cyan. (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Teacup2 - Myrrine - Tea cup 1 cyan. (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Sugarpot - Myrrine - Sugar pot cyan. (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Teapot - Myrrine - Tea pot cyan. (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Sweets Tray - Myrrine - Delicatessen plate cyan.(Candy Fair Exclusive)
Macaron Plate - Myrrine - Plate with macarons cyan.(Candy Fair Exclusive)
Kite Mouse - Tentacio - kite mouse RARE (Candy Fair Exclusive Gacha)
Sweets Mouse - Tentacio - mouse loves sweets RARE (Candy Fair Exclusive Gacha)
Card1 - Buttery Toast - Angel Toast Trading Card Rare (Candy Fair Exclusive Gacha)
Card2 - Buttery Toast - Zombie Toast Trading Card Rare (Candy Fair Exclusive Gacha)
Card Fans - Buttery Toast - Multiple Commons from the Gacha (Candy Fair Exclusive Gacha)

Shirt - yumyums - {Grape} Frosting Crop Top (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Skirt - Tentacio - cotton candy skirt lila (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Hair - Taketomi - Kokoa Fatpack (Gacha)
Shoes - Tentacio - Bubble Gum Heels Lila (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Necklace - Kawaii - Chocolate Necklace White/Pink (Candy Fair Exclusive Gacha)
Headband - Buttery Toast - Sweet Tooth Headband Lollypop
Sheep - Axix - Sugar Cotton Sheep Blue RARE (Candy Fair Exclusive Gacha)
Jellybeans - Plethora - Candy Stun Halo Jelly Beans (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Thought Bubble - Plethora - Sweet Idea Soda (Candy Fair Exlcusive)
Mushroom - Axix - Sugar Sweet Mushroom Purple (Candy Fair Exclusive Gacha)
Trading Card Album - Buttery Toast - Trading Card Album Full (Candy Fair Exclusive Gacha)

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