Monday, December 13, 2010

Ballet and Pictures!

Wheee so thankies to my wonderful friends: Croon Balloon and Hinahoney and Cara Cake(though she didn't really help, she just kinda killed dead things). I've finally managed to make better pics. XD Soooo this totally renews my confidence to start posting more!

This is a preview of the Ballet Doll outfit BareRose will be putting out sometime next week. You can get a partial FREE version of this outfit if you attend the BareRose EGL event this Friday at 8pm SLT here! . Also I am wearing the old Ballet AO from Creative Insanity, but later this week they'll be releasing an updated version called the Wind Ballet AO. You can visit their store here

Thankies to everyone who's hanging in there. XD I will be trying to post more fashiony stuffs and random things. If you read this blog and link it on yours and I DO NOT have a link, PLEASE let me know and I will add you right away. ^^

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