Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cold on Game on!

Soooo I'm up really late because of waking up due to a stuffy headcold. e.e Luckily niquil will help me go back to sleep. Till then! You can see my xmas gift to myself, meh it's a good reason to splurge a bit last night. I was eyeing this for awhile due to being a gamer and liking cute things. XD It's the Ragnarok Online Game Master based outfit. Very simple and easy to mod. I also think it works well with furry avs and there are shoes provided yet I think it's just as cute to only use the legwarmers - well when ya have paws. ^^

Outfit - <.:U & A:.> - Ragnarok GameMaster Outfit - U&A - L$600

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