Monday, December 27, 2010

Neko Hime-Sama

Once I heard Alienbear was having a 50% off sale on certain items, I rushed down. I've always had a soft spot for really fine jewelry and it's hard to find any place better than AB; unfortunately it's a lil more expensive than I can afford. ^^;; So I doned my really special crown that Hina got me and picked up a necklace to match it. You can't just wear a crown with any outfit so I popped on my White Queen outfit from BareRose and BAM. Happiness! Though, I'll have to go back and try to pick up more items while the sale lasts. ^^

Outfit - White Queen - BareRose - L$160
Necklace - Princess Carita Necklace White - Alienbear Design - L$250 (On 50% off sale)
Crown - RFL 08 Prom Queen crown - Alienbear Design - Not For Sale

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