Thursday, December 16, 2010

Goddess at the Ruins

So I felt I needed to blog some limited time things today. First up is the hair which is from Discord Designs and part of a promo they're doing - it ends friday so make sure to look it up! Also kind of went with a goddessy type unique look today, I don't expect a lot of people to understand it. XDDD

Hair - EFB01 (Tinted to Lavender, Yay Mod Hair!) - Discord Designs - L$1 Special Promo
Outfit - White Christmas Princess - Angelwing - L$20 Special Price Today Only for Advent Calender


Kallisti Burns said...

Hi there... great look... ;)

Just as a clarifier.. and one that I've had to add in places because... well... I got it wrong! The deal with the EFB01 is this...

It's on sale for 1L on the Marketplace. The deal is, if I sell a certain number by the end of the 18th - Saturday - I'll be releasing all hair colors free in the subscribeomatic. Initially I said Friday the 18th - which isn't this month... *blush*


Serenity said...

Hehe thanks for the comment and the clearing up. ^^ Really hope the word gets out there because this is a great style!