Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Royal Kitty Bum!

So I went back and got a crown from AlienBear, darn you saleeeee and making me buy awesome things! XD This time is a little more princessy than queenish in the last post. I was kind of worried what to wear for a gown with this one since most of the princess outfits are darker colored at BareRose, but luckily Charade pretty much covered a cutesy kind of princess look I wanted. Plus I went with an updo, ker-gasp!

Outfit - Charade - BareRose - L$165
Necklace - Princess Carita Necklace White - Alienbear Design - L$250 (On 50% off sale)
Crown - Princess Carita Crown White - Alienbear Design - L$450 (On 50% off sale)

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