Monday, January 10, 2011


Next up for the Extend a Helping Hand Charity Posts is something I deemed Batterade. It's a combination of two charity items from Sanu's shop - the Allure Monocle in Silver/Aquamarine and Candy Corn Batty-Cuppie EAHH special edition. Both of these can be found at the charity event which begins on the 11th. Please remember most of these items have most of their proceeds going towards those suffering the flooding of Queensland.

Monocle - Allure Monocle Silver/Aquamarine (EaHH Event Charity Version) - Sanu -L$130
Batty Friend - Candy-Corn Batty-Cuppie EaHH Special - Sanu - L$70
Hair - Waverly Silver (Tinted) - KA - NFS
Outfit - Kawaii Seifuku Blue - BareRose - L$160
*Btw Apology on Last Post I was wearing Hair - Abbey Whites (Tinted) Truth - L$250

Check out the Event at
L$53,870/US$206.02 at L$252/US$1as of 7:50pm 9th Jan 2011 SLT.
Read more at or EAHH Flickr

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