Saturday, January 15, 2011

Flower Power Kitty!

So I got a heads up from the owner of Felicious Neko that this Sunday, there would be a special one day only dollarbie dress coming out. It was just sooo cute. XD I'm normally not into flowers and such but I just really clicked with this one. Also the poses used for this one are from the new shop of HelaMiyo (two stores who were great before, combined together!); these poses are their new hunt item for the ProPosers hunt which is going on right now. ^^

Outfit - Bloom Dress Blossom - Felicious Neko - L$1 (One Day Only On the

Some Poses - Just Saying Pack - HelaMiyo - L$0 (ProPosers Gridwide Hunt Prize)

Hair - Rashelle Whites (Tinted) - fri. - L$250

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