Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Snow Queen Kitty~!

So, as it's winter and RL I'm still hoping for snow and it's just not happening. But luckily today the cheapie from Diavolicious, it's today only too so don't forget, is helping me. It needed a lil more to it so I dugout some things called snowflake in my inventory to help it out. XD Also will start referencing hair more, sorry for not before. x_x Kinda slipped my mind.

Dress & Tiara - Ice Queen - Diavolicious - L$25 (Today Only)
Hair - Snowflake Hair from Absolute Zero LE Set - Katat0nik - NFS
Necklace - Silver Necklace Snowflake - M.R.M Factory - L$0
Face Charm - Snowflake Cheek Jewelry - Sanu - NFS

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