Monday, January 3, 2011

Random GorBear Kitty

So today's a bit of a random day since I've been stalking chairs and trying to clean house RL. So this is a little number with almost no name that I picked up last week from Gor Girls, I think it's pretty cute and comes with a couple options - usually if you stop by their place on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday they have some good deals. Necklace was just a random unearthed thing from my inventory. XD While the bear I was stalking to win from Love Soul for a couple days. ^^

Outfit - Thrifty Twisted Thursday - Gor Girls - L$50
Necklace - Phantom Crystal Necklace - BareRose - L$10
Floaty Bears - Flying Bears *LC Exclusive* - Love Soul - L$0 (Lucky Chair Prize)

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