Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Feelin' Grayish...

Blah starting to feel a lil under the weather yet feeling happy cause of LBP2. XD This was an outfit I definitely struggled to put together, it started by buying the Berries Inc. skirt. I highly suggest if you want it to match with other things check out their main store first because their colors are very percise - so it can be difficult to mix and match with. Eventually I got it to work with a couple other things I had and pretty happy with the look. ^^

Eyepatch - Faoni Eyepatch with Roses - Kuroi Hane - L$180
Top Jacket - Pokemon Trainer Outfit Grey-Black Bonus Edition - UTILIZATOR - L$1250
Undershirt - Beach Boy Grey Tank Undershirt - Zenith - L$0(Group Gift)
Skirt - Amalia skirt grey (tinted in the back to match) - Berries Inc. - L$100
Hair - Abbey White (tinted) - Truth - L$250

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