Saturday, April 18, 2015

NeoTokyo Tea House

So this is a little weird inspiration, I've been on a FF7 kick again and somehow this combined the outfit (making me think of that one scene where Tifa is undercover and Aerith and Cloud go help her out) and working at a kinda futuristic Japanese place... though, in this case... she's not doing too good. XD; I wouldn't be either in high heels! But the new release tea set from Toiz at the Cosmopolitan event worked well here. Also have some more things from Sweet Cupcake Fair, which if you haven't gone you have some time to check it out before it's over. There's also this new hairstyle from Ayashi at the Create your own Tarot event, which is always fun to peek at - and Altair's (which I love, so cuteeee) necklace at the Black Fashion Fair. Other bits and bobs here and there. Hope you like the look. ^ ^

Outfit & Shoes - BLACK HAUS - Sweetness Outfit Blue (Sweet Cupcake Fair)
Hair Ribbon - BLACK HAUS - Sweetness Bown White (Sweet Cupcake Fair Gacha)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Selena hair (Create Your Own Tarot Event)
Necklace - ALTAIR* - ouija necklace .blue. (Black Fashion Fair)
Wings - Sweet Thing. & darkendStare - Angelic Wings (TAG Gacha)
Desk - [Toiz] - vintage wood desk (Cosmopolitan Event)
Tray - [Toiz] - vintage wood tray (Cosmopolitan Event)
Tea Cup - [Toiz] - simple white green tea cup (Cosmopolitan Event)
Tea Set - [Toiz] - simple white green tea set (Cosmopolitan Event)
Tattoo - LaRosa - LaRosa Tattoo Fullbody (Old Freebie)
Sim - Neo Machina

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