Sunday, April 5, 2015

Spring Time Laundry!

So wow wow wow, tons of events. @ @ Sweet Cupcake Fair has already begun! The Xiasumi School event recently got started the other day too, the Pose Fair is coming soon, and The Seasons Story should be starting up shortly (not exactly sure on the date of that one). Soooo many things to cover, I hope my blog posts are helping point out a few things or details that may be overlooked with so much to see! Since there was a good chunk of furniture type things to cover, I thought I'd go with a double pic and a theme. Also was playing around with the settings and had a couple suggestions from my friend Croon, so it's something to look into. If you have any suggestions or ideas on stuff I could do, I'm all ears. ^ ^ Hope you like the look!

Skybox - [Toiz] - drying apartments rare (The Seasons Story Gacha) *outside view not included*
Flower Lamp - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {Sparkling flower~ pink} lamp (The Seasons Story)
Egg Bag - ALTAIR* - Egg Bag (Group Gift)
Robot1 - [MotiAme] - Cardboard Robo - Bunny (Xiasumi School Gacha)
Robot2 - [MotiAme] - Cardboard Robo - Tiger (Xiasumi School Gacha)
Robot3 - [MotiAme] - Cardboard Robo - Dog RARE (Xiasumi School Gacha)
Drying Rack - [Toiz] - drying stand (cherry blossom ver2) (The Seasons Story Gacha)
Bucket - [Toiz] - laundry (cherryblossom ver)(The Seasons Story Gacha)
Drying Stand - [Toiz] - drying stand (cherry blossom ver)(The Seasons Story Gacha)
Washing Machine - [Toiz] - washing machine (cherryblossom ver)(The Seasons Story Gacha)
Pose - HelaMiyo - Surreal 3 (Pose Fair 2015)
Clothes Furniture - BareRose - I'm Home!

Top - *-GypsyChic-* - *-GC-* Knot Cupcake Mesh Tshirt Blue (Sweet Cupcake Fair)
Shorts - *-GypsyChic-* - Cocoa Mesh Short Pocket Washed Grey (Sweet Cupcake Fair)
Shoes - *-GypsyChic-* - Flat Point Cocoa Shoes White (Sweet Cupcake Fair)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Saiko hair (Rock Attitude Fashion Fair)
Robot Cat - [MotiAme] - Cardboard Robo Cat (Xiasumi School Gacha)
Some Poses - HelaMiyo - Poses Simple (Pose Fair 2015)
Pins - *LittleGlassWish* - TWEWY Pins (Unavailable, Stupid Thing I Made)

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