Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lucky Kitty Crew

Well if you haven't known by now I run a group called the Lucky Kitty Crew. It was started long time ago (before over half of these other freebie groups xP) and it was very small. XD

But now it's kinda underground knowledge about our freeb hunting crew because we do more than the normal ones since we do lucky chairs, hunts, etc. Now I know some people are like - wait other groups do that too? Why bother?

Cause I don't like the way half the other groups are run. XDDD So if you get a chance check out the group or the newly created blog for the group (mostly posted in it by the members themselves) Lucky Kitty Crew Blog. Or it is also now listed in my links.
Interested in what this kitty is holding so dear?Might wanna make sure to check out the LKC blog later on and find out what this is all about. ;3