Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy New Year 2022

 Usually I don't blog these pieces but I feel like this one deserved it since it looks so pretty ^ ^ Probably going to try and 'up my game' on my pics so they don't look as basic? I'm not sure how I'll do but I want to try harder! I wish everyone a happy new year from all my friends and family to you! Hope you like the look!

Serenity Semple

Outfit - BareRose/::: B@R ::: Ao Kozato-L

Headband - 2022 Hairband Light Pink (Marketplace Dollarbie)

Hair - [Love Soul] Hair*103*Purple

Hinamori Burleigh 
Head - !=ASR= Sophia Alitheia head
Necklace - *:..Silvery K..:*Babiche Dog tag Neclace_wing
Kimono - ::GB::kouu kimono (Belleza) Kon-ai
Hair - Sunset Corp.  Agnum Bulletheart Hair
Headphones - [LANEVO] THUNDERBIRD Headphones (Blue)
Glasses - primOptic Donna glasses 1.19 {Creator} [nose] 

Caraway Karu
Head - M4 Venus - Head
Hair - bonbon - riley hair 
Outfit - dami . spirit blossom . D5 /maitreya

Saori Nakamura 
Outfit - *catNap.*neko kimono (mizuiro)
Hair - .Olive. the Camii Hair
Nails - ARATA  - Maitreya Bento Nail(Gift 2021 winter)
Piercing - Amala - The Heart Nose Stud 
Head - M4 Venus - Head
Rings - Vibing -- Melanie Rings -- Gold -- LEFT
Earrings -  nyaru - snowy earrings 

Monday, December 27, 2021

Witcher Winter Wonderland

 Soooo I get the most random inspirations and I can't explain it! Recently was pondering what to blog and noticed one of Art&Ko's older releases of the Wild Hunt set and I really wanted to move into more winter pics than christmas (since it's over); and first thing that came to mind was that adorable snowball fight between Geralt and Ciri in the Witcher3. Thankfully Hina helped me flesh it out and it was just one of my fave pics. ^ ^ I snuck in TKC's snowball kitty thrower cause why not! It fits! Hope you like the look!


Outfit&Swords - Art&Ko - Wild Hunt Set

Main Store Location -

Snowball - [TKC] Kawaii Snowball thrower ~Kitty

TKC Main Store Location -

Necklace - Cosmos: Witcher Cat School Amulet

Hair - fri. - Fiona - Startled White

Location - Winter Love Valley


Hair - Sintiklia - Hair Nora Rigged NON windy ponytail

Swords - GRYPHONADE - The Witcher Sheathed Swords

Outfit - [Erebos] Pathfinder Outfit

Saturday, December 18, 2021

What Reindeers Really Want!

 So don't know why but probably just the random spark of inspiration from my latest sponsor Art&Ko! They have the cutest reindeer outfit I've seen on the grid and was psyched to be able to cover it here for them, make sure it check it out in front of their main store! Also more fun goodies from Junk Food and they're currently having a hunt for goodies too. So instead of reindeers wanna have fun, they wanna have sweet frappe/lattes! Hope you like the look!

Art&Ko - Christmas Deer Set - Bodysuit (Maitreya)

Art&Ko - Christmas Deer Set - Shoes (Maitreya)

Art&Ko - Christmas Deer Set - Shorts (Maitreya)

Art&Ko - Christmas Deer Set - Vest  (Maitreya)

Main Store Location -

Junk Food - Punk Dunks Latte (Wear)

Junk Food - Santa & Reindeer Snacks

Main Store Location -

* 0 Style *Mary*(Silver)_M

{what next} Amelie Side Table

+Half-Deer+ Cozy Cat (if I fits, I sits) - Santa

+Half-Deer+ Christmas Tree II - Traditional - Tree (Low-softli)

+Half-Deer+ Christmas Garland II - Traditional - Curved

Sway's [Advent 2019] Sign . Joy (S)

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Setting Sachertorte

 Happy day, first blog post for my new sponsor Kwaii! We'll be covering their latest release of Sachertorte for the Okinawa Holiday Festival; it comes with deco pieces in the pack but you can click on them when they're rezzed out and get an attachable edible slice with fork. Also been dying to cover the ceramic tree piece from Junk Food for the Pride at Home event. Make sure to check out these awesome shops and Hope you like the look!

Sachertorte Cake - *KW*-Sachertorte_Hole (Okinawa Holiday Event)

Okinawa Holiday Event Location -

Kwaii Mainstore -

Ceramic Tree - Junk Food - Ceramic Tree (Snow) Blinking

Pride At Home Event & Main Store Location -

Hair - Rosy mood MESH hair / Honey Dipper (discontinued)

Hat - CryBunBun - X-Mas Bunny Hat - Red

Outfit - CryBunBun - Jaakuna Student - X-MAS Babes  - Red - Maitreya

Face Deco - Cake Inc.: Candy Hearts & Candy Pills

Table - {moss&mink} Silk Draped Table

Fireplace - {what next} Madison Fireplace

Garland - +Half-Deer+ Christmas Garland II - Traditional - Curved w/ Tail

Wreath - +Half-Deer+ Christmas Garland II - Traditional - Wreath

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Food Waifu Laifu

Still messing around with some fun stuff before I start smacking into holiday goodness. XD I decided to cover the Waifu food set from Junk Food and the sexy school (with the color theme of food on it) uniform from TKC. Both should be available at the main stores of the respected places linked below. Hope you like the look!

Junk Food - Waifu Burger

Junk Food - Waifu Gummi Bear (Pink)

Junk Food - Waifu Pizza

Junk Food - Waifu Bacon

Junk Food - Waifu Taco

Junk Food - Waifu Fry

Junk Food Main Store -

[TKC] Sailor school bag

[TKC] sailor school outfit ~ Maitreya

[TKC] Sailor school uniform socks ~ add me

[TKC] sailor school uniform shoes

TKC Main Store Location -

Hair - [ Love Soul ] Hair*049* (Store Gone)

Choker - [DH] - Candy choker - rainbow heart 

Tongue - nose licker (Store Gone)

Bed - parfait. Amelia Bedroom - Light Princess Bed .Adult. (Item Retired)

Pose -  BehaviorBody - 46-BB-sitonfloorgift 

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Thanksgiving 2021

 So a fun group pic with us all! Make sure to check out the fun releases for thanksgiving that Junk Food has been putting out. Wishing you all a lovely holiday, hopefully your friends don't try to cook you!

Turkey - Junk Food - Cool Turkey Head

Junk Food Main Store -

Pose - gilded: Zombie victim fallen prey

Dress - *katat0nik* (honey) Bee Fitmesh Dress RARE

Socks - [CoD!] "Cupcake Magi Magi" Socks - (Lara)

Oven - .ETHEREAL. Delicate Kitchen - OVEN WHITE

If you have other questions about what the others wear, feel free to ask!

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Otaku Cafe

 I dunno where I was really going with this post besides, look cute and do stuffs I like. XD; All the releases from both TKC and Junk Food are older and are available either in their mainstores or marketplace (links below). Hope you like the look!

Outfit - [TKC]Purrfffeectt day outfit~Legacy

Marketplace -

TKC Main Store Location -

Drink - Junk Food - Drink Chalace (Pink Straw)

Junk Food Main Store -

Hair - [e] Thrive

Location - Neon Sky Anime Hangout

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Creature Intersection

 So to start off a big THANK YOU! to The Kitty Corner who has accepted me as a blogger; and I am super excited! Been a fan of the store for a long time! So I decided to tackle one of the more popular games (since the latest release) was their Animal Crossing inspiration Island Takeover set. It was released before and should be coming to the shop soon but I figured I'd cover it now and make an adorbs pic out of it. Hope you like the look!

The Kitty Corner Island Takeover Set

Outfit - [TKC] Island take over ~secretory ~ Blue  ~  top ~

Outfit - [TKC] Island take over ~secretory   ~ Skirt  ~ Blue

TKC Main Store Location -

Balloon Present - [TKC] Island take over ~ SOI ~ Baloon gifter

Hair - nani - cozy camp - hair RARE

Choker - nani - cozy camp - choker [unrig]

Bag of Bells - parfait. Whole Lotta Bells v1 .held.

Location - Retroville

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Old Fashion Love

 Sometimes it's just great to revisit the classics with Cookies and Milk! This was a release Junk Food had at last month's level up but it should be available at their main store for normal purchase now. Not too much to say about this post, just a lil quickie. Hope you like the look!

Cookie Set - 

Junk Food - Lookie Cookies Open Package 2li

Junk Food - Lookie Cookie Bit 1li

Junk Food - Lookie Cookie Milk

Junk Food - Lookie Cookie 1li

Junk Food Main Store -

Head Hearts - Just Yaska // Blow Up Animate Hearts

Beanie - MOoH! Beanie White

Top - MOoH! Cropped sweater Maitreya White

Choker - [DH] - Candy choker - rainbow heart (unrigged)

Pose - [LAP] - Hold Sign (Store Closed)

Hair - [e] Season 2 - White 05 (Discontinued)

Location - My House

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Happy Halloween 2021

 So happy halloween everyone! We managed to do a halloween group photo before Saori had her trip. Hope everyone had a great halloween and that you like the look!


Hair - bonbon - rei hair 

Kimono - Tomoto kimono blood white

Pose - 2017  Horror hanging Poses hanging rope 1


Hair - [monso] My Hair - Laureline

Outfit - Chavshop Dirty Old Kimono Flowers S

Pose - SM - On the Spikes


Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Harune hair

Orbs - Vampier - Body Orbs 

Outfit - [[TRAP]] - Ghost Hakama

Tattoo 1 - Leven Ink Tattoo - Nori Blue

Tattoo 2 - Kool It - Japanese Dragon Arm Tattoo


Outfit - Tohru Shop - ProjectZero_Miku costume (Discontinued)

Hair - Kin -Nana- (Discontinued)

Camera - [geek.] - Shutter Obscura - BLACK (Discontinued)

Ghost Hands Behind - +Somali+ - Ghost Hands 2 [for Origami] (Old Freebie)

Fog/Lower Ghost Hands Effect - **CC** - Soul Reaper Spectral Fog Aura

EMF Reader - *RC* - EMF Reader 1.2

Pose - Scared (Old Freebie)

Location - Ahiru Ochaya

Monday, October 25, 2021

Sweet Halloween!

 So this is a personal post really, and kinda a reminder to those who play SL (though most don't read what I write). But my message is treasure the stuff you have, don't always wait for a sale if you really love something and go for it. There's rarely a month that goes by that I don't miss the store Love Soul. They helped fuel my lucky chair love, they put out adorable japanese creations, and I would never delete something from my inventory that was made by them. So this is a bit of an homage to their creations and how I still to this day - meshes, updated, whatevers aside - I appreciate the content that many people put out regardless of age. I also put in a couple freebies to check out that I think are cute too, but mostly a lot of discontinued things. Love Soul, you'll never be forgotten. Hope you like the look!

 Stage - If For Yeah! - halloween stage (16m x 19.5m x 0.5m 21Li)

Pose - micamee - Gi (Free)

Sky/EEP/Lighting - Halloween Purple Sky =L.F= (Free @ Yumix Halloween)

Stockings - FunnyHoney - Fu's Stocking Halloween black (Free on Marketplace)

Outfit - [ Love Soul ] *Halloween-Purple* (Discontinued)

Hair - [elikatira] Season 2 - White 05 Modded (Discontinued)

Shoes - [ Love Soul ] Halloween pumps-Black (Discontinued)

Hairbow - [ Love Soul ] Ribbon*Halloween-Purple*(Click to resize) (Discontinued)

Necklace - [ Love Soul ] Necklace*Halloween SP*(click to resize) (Discontinued)

Mouth Lollipop - [ Love Soul ] Lolipop candy*Pumpkin*Orange (wear me !) (Discontinued)

Big Lollipops - [ Love Soul ] Flying Big Candy (Pose-A) Wear me ! (Discontinued)

Big Candy - [ Love Soul ] Happy Halloween Candy (wear me !) (Discontinued)

Big Pudding - [ Love Soul ] Pumpkin pudding (Wear me !) (Discontinued)

Monday, October 18, 2021

Day of the Dead

 So lately there's been a lot of beautiful skull themed Day of the Dead makeup going on and well, I wanted in on that! So I last night (also why this post is late) I worked on making myself a kinda colorful sugar skull makeup for my head. I am also glad I do not sell a lot of the mods I do for myself cause 1. I'm kinda a weirdo in my av XD; And 2. they're really just something I doubt people would want. So I decided to cover an older BareRose outfit that I thought went well, it's dark yet colorful. I still love BareRose, I wish there were more fitted to mesh bodies stuff but man I love her designs so much. Hope you like the look!

Outfit - BareRose - Eth Gemone-L

Hair - Magika - [Hair L] Forget (Modded)

Pose - Label Motion - Petals Pose 2 

Location - The Guild Hallows 2021 Event

Sunday, October 10, 2021


 So I didn't know if it would ever come up but along time ago I ran across this awesome location in the Wastelands and it just felt like destiny to pair it with the new release Unhappy Meals for the Saturday Sale. You can check those out in multiple colors at their mainstore. Hope you like the look!

Tray - Junk Food - Unhappy Meal Tray (Saturday Sale)

Top - 03.UNCOM Loki - Neon Skeleton GACHA - Black&White Top - Mait (Discontinued Gacha)

Hair - [taketomi]_Kokoa_GothQueenDecoraClips & Fatpack (Discontinued Gacha)

Location - Resurrection and the Fries in the Wastelands

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Spooky Movie

 So kinda fell a lil behind on things since I was working on a neat halloween pic with the group; so that ate up a lot of my time. @ @; But we got some cool things out from Junk Food! Their weekend sale item put out a Horror Movie Night set that comes with spilled drink, VHS, VHS TV, and pizza (not shown here). Then you have them at the Blanc event with an adorable Peanut Butter cups set, LM listed below. Then Lost Junction has free jack-o-lantern's available at their location at the Shop&Hop. Hope you like the look!

TV & Drink Set - Junk Food - Horror Movie Night (Blanc)

Main Store Location -

Peanut Butter Cups - Junk Food - Peanut Butter Cups (Blanc)

Blanc Location -

Pumpkins - [LostJunction] Jack-O-Lantern (Free @ Shop&Hop)

Outfit - B.C.C - BOO Cute outfit - Maitreya Exp [A] RARE (Discontinued)

Pose - Fireflies - Surprise

Kotatsu - [MnM] "Kotatsu" premium

Hair - Magika - [Hair L] Forget Modded

Background Ghost - [MESH Display] yue 09

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Morning Fix

 As a typical new englander, I'm not a foreigner to the 'morning fix' of coffee and Dunkin Donuts themed hit ups that a lot of us do. XD; Since getting back into blogging I'm more than thrilled to be covering Junk Food's amazing goods again! I got lucky there was a fitting place to take a pic at and just a casual morning pick up~ Junk Food always has great weekend sales so make sure not to miss this one either, along with their others. Remember if you miss out this weekend, it's for sale at normal price afterwards. Hope you like the look!

Junk Food Main Store

Junk Food - Punks Munchs Box (Saturday Sale)

Junk Food - Punks Dunks Cup (Saturday Sale)

Outfit - *CK* Juliana dress MAITREYA (VIP Group Lucky Board)

Hair - Exile:: Jemma (Modded)

Location - O'Boi Community Rentals

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Up Up and Away!

 So the Steam Room is just around the corner from going live, and Lost Junction has another neat item coming out for it - a Rustic Balloon that's ridable with multiple people. I revisited an older Bare Rose item that I really like because, girly steampunk is so adorbs! Still getting into the swing of blogging things again so hang in there with me, I plan to at least do a post every Sunday. Hope you like the look!

Balloon/Seat - [LJ] Rustic Balloon (Steam Room)

Outfit - ::: B@R ::: Airship Engineer Lady-L

Hair - Rosy mood MESH hair / Honey Dipper (custard)

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Ramen Ship

 Quick little weekly post! Lost Junction has a new Neo Tokyo Ramen Boat deco coming out at the Tokyo Zero event (slurl listed below). Hope you like the look!

Bowl - [LJ] NeoTokyo Ramen Boat - Ramen Bowl (extra)

Boat - [LJ] NeoTokyo Ramen Boat

Outfit - Gakusei Sahohime-L

Hair - .Olive. the Pixie Hair

Background - [BH9] Wynwood BH9 V2

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Mahou Shoujo Cupcakey

 Sooo the title is lacking but I liked how this came out, granted I've noticed I've done a lot of magical girl stuff as of a late... ^ ^; Trying to catch up on some stuff since RL has been a hit busy and I'm trying to get back into the blogging scene again! This was the second release that Cute or Die! had at the Crystal Heart but I was a bit delayed... BUT it is available at their mainstore! So make sure to check them out! Hope you like the look!

Dress - [CoD!] "Cupcake Magi Magi" Dress - (Lara)

Socks - [CoD!] "Cupcake Magi Magi" Socks - (Lara)

Shoes - [CoD!] "Cupcake Magi Magi" Shoes - (Lara)

Hair - Magika [Hair L] Forget (Modded)

Fork/Wand - Insomnia Angel . ichigo spirit - picking folk

Hairbow - Insomnia Angel . ichigo spirit - haru ribbon [blue]

Magical Particles - **CC** - Girl Power - Heart Spiral Aura (Pink)

Pose/Props - SallieLanguage/Crystal Heart/Heart Pose Stand

Backdrop - PALETO. Backdrop:. Pantalla Nude (MATERIAL)(PHYSICS)

Monday, August 9, 2021

Channeling Magic

 So Cute or Die has two sets out for the Crystal Heart Event! I hope I manage to get the other one out but I will be traveling soon so I may not. This is a beautiful butterfly magic set that you really should check out. Not too much to say here, Hope you like the look!

Outfit - Cute or Die - Papilio Mage Set (Crystal Heart Event)

*Comes with Staff, Suit, Skirt/Dress, Headpiece, Gloves, and Boots

Blue Magic Effect - **CC** - Eternal Ribbons Aura (Blue)

Hair - .Olive. - the Alice Hair (recolored)

Pose - aDORKable Poses - Kite 1 Pose

Sim/Landscape - Avilion Nexus 

Monday, July 26, 2021

RRH Forest

 So I shortened it to RRH from Red Riding Hood, so it didn't end up as a long title. I've been really wanting to blog in awhile but it's been hard to sneak it in through all the stuff I've been doing. I also been doing some custom Mokyu makeups which I'm not going to be really be crediting because I don't sell them since my skin/face is already custom @ @; Also been modding my hair and not really doing too much else for it. I think it's been from watching a lot of other japanese creators that I've tried to just do mods for myself and they're so specific - I really doubt anyone would be interested. Really hope everything has been great for everyone out there and best wishes to all. Hope you like the look! ^ ^

Dress - UNA.LittleRedRidingHood Dress Red RARE (Gacha)

Cape - UNA.LittleRedRidingHood Cape Blood ULTRARARE (Gacha)

Boots - UNA.LittleRedRidingHood Boots Black (Gacha)

Hair - Magika [Hair L] Forget (Modded)

Wings - [tea-ai]CuteWing(NonRigg)

Wolf - CURELESS [+] Little Red Wolf / Direwolf Growling / BLACK (Gacha)

Pose - Fear SLC

Location - Timberwolf Falls

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Clownin' Around

 So for awhile on my mental backburner I wanted to put together a CUTE clown costume. But obviously clowns have kinda taken the rep of a combination of creepy/pennywise and Super Villian/HQ/Joker, etc... making those the things that dominate a lot of SL shops. Luckily I dug really hard and pieced together some things to get a look going that I wanted to! I'm so thrilled with how this came out! I hope this helps inspire others too, just because something is hard to make in SL doesn't mean it can't be done! Hope you like the look ^ ^

Long Top & Skirt - Les Sucreries de Fairy - * You're My Star * Pink (Gacha)

Shoes - Bare Rose - Plumpurin C2

Socks - Sweet Thing. - OMG Fuzzy Socks - Kitty

Hat & Neck Ruffles - {PD&R} loonette the birthday clown (Kawaii Sundays Sale Today)

Balance Ball - CatNip Balance Ball (Retextured)

Hair - Rosy mood - MESH hair / Honey Dipper (Store Closed...)

Background - {moss&mink} Sweet Retreat - Backdrop Pink

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Cardcaptor Kitty

 Soooo I've been wanting to do a kinda CCS cosplay for awhile, and it's hard. The majority of cosplay stuff has never been enough to meet demand in SL. I have some older outfits that get close but rarely do things hit as spot on as certain creators can pull off. So thus a makeshift one! I hope you like it, I really loved doing it. ^ ^

Cardcaptor Sakura Look

Dress - Sallie Language - 1. Cosplayer Dress Rare (Gacha)

Hair - Tableau Vivant - \\ Sweetmas \ Candies - Colors (Gacha)

Shoes/Socks - [Ritz] - Sakura_Stocking_ [1 Rare] (Retired Gacha)

Hat - :moon amore: - BlossomTime/ Oversized Beret - Pink (Gacha)

Eye Sparkle - !13ACT - Animated Stars for eyes

Necklace - [Ritz] - CC_Key Necklace_Sealing_Song

Sealing Wand - [Ritz] - SealingStaff 

Shoulder Kero - PF - Animated Kero Shoulder Pet (Retired)

Clo Cards - {aii} - + Clo Cards  Aura + 

Pose - =Isobeya= - Cute girl pose !

My Typical Look

Ears - ::AMBIX:: - Cosplay Kitten [Ears]

Tail - Catseye - "Bento Tail" *feline* THICK

Bento Hands - Catseye - "Furry Hand Paws" Claws S

Wings - Bare Rose - White Micro B-Wings

Face Charms - Cake Inc.: - Candy Hearts & Candy Pills

Anime Head - Mokyu

Body - Maitreya

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

McLovin' It!

 I think I missed blogging. It's been a couple years or so now? But I keep trying to put together outfits and stuff so maybe every now and then I'll just do my own blogging and if I can figure it out - maybe go back to applying again? I don't know. X3; It's been kinda tough doing the RL mommy thing, which can easily be a full time job for me. So, I love Junk Food and have so much of their stuff in their inventory; you wouldn't believe it. She's one of my fave creators and one of my fave people to blog for before! Then I also discovered a beautiful flash back sim, that I credit, and it's so freakin' just fun to be in! Andddd speaking of flashback, I forgot how much I love Rotten Toe and decided to do the BOM thing and wear older clothes on a mesh body - soooo combine that all together and I put together this look! I love it! Hope you love it! Hope people push me to come back to blogging normally too hahaha. XD

Dress & Hairbow - !RT!:.:FastFood Lolita Dress:.

Hair - *PH-PL* DOKIDOKI // lolita hair *gacha*

Glasses - VCO - Love baby Glasses / Broken *gacha*

Bow Collar - Bare Rose - Burger Girl Red Collar

Fast Food Tray - Junk Food - Fast Food Tray

Shoes - Bare Rose - White Liita (tinted red)

Ketchup Mouth Packet - VCO _  Bigberger ( tomato ketchup ) *gacha*

French Fry Thoughts - {Fawn Kisses} Fast Food Thought Bubbles Fries *gacha*

Pose - [Cute Posing] Sailor Moon

Background/Location - Palm Plaza Retro Mall