Friday, February 3, 2023

GS Cookie Time!

 So I've gone on my own for blogging for the most part because I have a lot of RL issues going on and just kind of making the pics I want to do and when I can do. BUT RL is looping over to my SL feelings and believe it or not? It was super hard to put together a not super slutty or like.. semi along the lines of Girl Scout outfit. The best I could do was combing two older outfits and trying to mod, as best as I can, things to make it work on Reborn body. Also if you need to get your RL cookie fix, I know a girl. Haha! I love that line.

Main Outfit - ::: B@R ::: Girl Scout 

Sash - UNA.ScoutGirl Band Freya

Hair - :::Sn@tch Lacey Hair 

Bows - Tastic-Bow Headband

Hair Accessories - Turducken ToddleeDoo - Harajuku Girl Accessories Retired Gacha

Girl Scout Trays & Decor - 

[IK] Girl Scouts Cookies - Vending Tray

[IK] Girl Scouts Cookies - Selling Booth

[IK] Girl Scouts Cookies - Cookies Tray (Deco)

[IK] Girl Scouts Cookies - Caramel Cookies Box (Deco)

[IK] Girl Scouts Cookies - Choco Cookies Box (Deco)