Thursday, May 26, 2022

Holy Vampire Hunter

 So sadly I've been sick almost this whole month (not a typical flu illness type thing something complicated) so I may be hitting a hiatus soonish. Until then! We're revisiting and older release from Art&Ko and I dunno why I just took it to hunt vampires instead of be one like her ad kinda implies? I dunno... but I did learn what a pain it is to find a semi decent looking graveyard in SL is! Hope you like the look!

Outfit & Shoes - Art&Ko - Halloween Nun Set 

Main Store Location -

Hair - Doe: Lovely

Bible - lock&tuft / the bible

Stake - lock&tuft / the stake

Pose - Posiden - Elf Warrior

Location - Six Feet Under

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Ode to Softpaw Sommer

 So I realized when I was out at one of the events that I really love a lot of the people I follow, I'm even fans of theirs and they don't know it! Thus if I can, I'd like to do some appreciation of their works when I blog. ^ ^ This one goes out to Softpaw Sommer, one of my fave furry bloggers. She's pretty much always stuck to her beautiful looks and one of the people I definitely aspire to keep posting like. Make sure to check out her flickr too! This blogged look helps with the Fairy Queen set released awhile back by Art&Ko that you can find at their main store. Hope you like the look!

Art&Ko - Fairy Queen Set - Dress & Wings

Main Store Location -

Hair - Doe: La V2

Butterflies - Jinx : Fluttering butterflies

Necklace - Sweet Thing. Rose Princess Neckpiece

Earrings - [MINDS] Sakura Earring Pink&Gold

Hairpin - {Limerence} Butterfly hairpin-Silver

Softpaw Sommer's Flickr