Thursday, January 28, 2010

Silvery K Strikes Again!

Silvery K has put another really lovely nom tray with different goodies, this time but ice cream themed. It's L$100 as well but still lovely. ^^

Silvery K
Le Cafe Poulard

On another note I've begun building a little more and hopefully working towards my store Little Glass Wish. I made some valentines face charms. ^^

Monday, January 25, 2010

Silvery K - Chocolate Noms!

So was checking over the japanese blogs and noticed that Silvery K put out an adorable serving tray parfait which you can click to recieve (while someone's wearing it) for 10 different types of sweet treats! ^^

I think for L$100 it's totally a steal and if you like waitress type outfits (helps me because I'm a waitress at Le Cafe Poulard - come visit!) it really compliments the outfit extremely well. ^^

Silvery K


Le Cafe Poulard

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ozimals! Ozimals! Ozimals!

So lucky kitty me got an invite to the preview of the Ozimals sim before it's grand opening tomorrow! I can't even begin how to describe how excited I was. ^^ (ok maybe this pic helps a little bit)

But regardless! Ozimals will be released Jan. 9th at 12 noon SLT, but you can visit and party on the 8th from 1pm slt - 8pm slt. Be sure to wear your best Faerie Garb at 6pm slt - 8pm slt and head to Puck's Glen and get a head start on the Great Carrot Grab event going on all weekend long. ^^

Till then here's some pics of some of the beauty that is the Ozimals sim!

Sim Opens Tomorrow ^^