Saturday, May 5, 2012

Macaron Madness!

Hello all. ^ ^; Things might be a little messed up because Blogger decided to change it's layout and I'm not giving into Google Chrome. So this may be one of the last posts, I'm not sure. I may be blogging via Flickr but if I do I'll make a post before I do so. Unfortunately KUE! is closing come May 12th, and having sales and such. You should definitely check it out before it's gone because there are some wicked adorable items.

Outfit&Necklace - Lilac Macaron Bunnies - KUE! - L$100

Macaron Float - Hovering Almond Macaron - KUE! - L$0 (Free Gacha)

Headphones - macaron wireless headphone - noju - N/A (Store Closed)

Hat - pink macaron Hat - Dimbula Rose - N/A (Old Event Gift)

Hair - Beth (Modded) - Zero Style - L$150

Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm Yummy & I Know It~

Haha. XD Fun play on words for the title. So, haven't been doing too much but recently the Meeroo Mods released some awesomely delish cupcake themed mods for the avs. I thought I'd pick it up and play with it on my av and love being a cupcake kitty. '3'! I decided to pair it with an older cupcake outfit I had from a RFL that Katat0nik took part in, I don't think she sells it anymore but it's so nom. :9 Hope ya like the look.

Cupcake Accessories/Tail - Vanilla Cupcake Meero Mod - Meeroo Mods - L$450
Outfit - RFL Le Cupcake Corset - Katat0nik - N/A (Old RFL Event)
Tongue - Nose Licker (Modded) - SIG - L$75
Hair - Season 2 White (Tinted) - elikatira - N/A (One Eleven Event)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ragnarok Online High Priestess

So one of my things on my to buy list has been some Ragnarok Online cosplay. As previously posted I bought the GM one but this time I got the High Priestess. XD In MMOs I always play the healer so I loved wearing this even though it's not my usual color choice. Anyway hope you enjoy this cosplay look. Always love havin fun outfits. ^^v

Outfit & Spell - RO High Priestess - 496 - L$250
Ribbon, Book, & Staff - Priestess Accessories - Lamp*Light - L$20
Hair - Kiki [White 05] Modded - Raw House - L$250

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Princess Alice!

So this blog post comes with another blah bit of news. The cake sim, one of the prettiest all nom themed sims is closing. It'll be gone Feburary 15th. Unfortunately it's one of the only locations you can buy certain items from Cupcakes & Poetry. In my case, it's this Alice dress. ^^ You can buy it as part of a fat pack on market but if you only like one out of a buncha dresses, can be kinda annoying on the wallet. You can check out the cake sim here and the teleporter to the store is nearby. Also decided to get this cute nose licking tongue I found by random while browsing at a shop I never heard of called SIG. I provided the slurl so you can check it out, they have furry mods and other stuffs for sale too. I retextured the tongue for a more pink look but it has a normal reddish color and mod so you can work with it some. Hope you enjoy the look and check out the sim before it's gone. ^^

Crown - Diamond Crown - Cute Bytes - L$35 or Lucky Chair Prize
Dress - Alice in Wonderland Dress - Cupcakes & Poetry - L$300
Tongue - Nose Licker (Modded) - SIG - L$75
Hair - Sachiko Mesh White (Modded) - Wasabi Pills - L$250

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Little Glass Wish New Release Carbuncle

Just a heads up I put out a new item for sale in my store. It's a Apelz Ice Cream Bunny Mod Kit to look like Carbuncle. You can check out my store in world or on marketplace.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Rockin' Lookin' Berry!

So if you know me in world, you know I get kinda paranoid when stores or items just disappear from the grid. Especially if they're on a list of stuff I plan on buying. Unfortunately I got kinda freaked out when I noticed Unity's stuff disappeared off of marketplace. So I rushed down to their location at Geffen, an awesome anime style mall btw, and got even more worried seeing that they didn't pay their rental box. This is now the only location for them and it may disappear at any time. They have some really well done and neat items, not many, but still well done. I highly urge people to check it out before it may poof! Also you'll notice I'm wearing a cute choker from fairy tail which also closed recently. Try to keep tabs on these closing stores, it's a shame they'll be disappearing.

Jacket - Mana Lord black - Unity - L$160
Skirt - Mana Lord Set - Unity - L$550
Boots - Mana Lord Set - Unity - L$550
Choker - Freely choker(b-b) - [Fairy Tail] - L$50 (Store Closed)
Goggles - Black Spot - BareRose - L$150
Hair - Mary Silver (Tinted) - Zero Style - L$300

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kawaii No Hoshi!

So I've been wanting to blog for awhile but been kinda on the edge lately for what to really do. XD Yanno the whole wanting to get new readers or wanting to see if people are interested in what I post, etc. But I figured I'll just stick to what I've been doing. :3 I'm sure someone out there reads. XDDDD

Anyway! So the latest purchase was a bit of a big one for me, it was for the Liru av set from Tonic Takeover. For awhile they took it down and I kinda freaked cause I passed on it before since it was over L$1k and I was mostly buying it for the boots and clothes. It came back the other day at a lower price so I picked it up. I LOVE these shoes, they are just so adorable. Also they're mod so if I wanted to change them up to go with other things I could. Also remember to check out the Love Soul 50% off sale going on right now for a limited time! I'm a huge Love Soul fan and there's just so much nice stuff there. Not much else to say for now, just enjoy teh attempt of star themed cuteness. :3

Drink - Soda float*Mix Soda-B* - [Love Soul] - L$50 (Gachapon)
Mouth - Twinkle Star - eat me - +mocha+ - N/A (Old Hunt Item)
Hair Stars - Hair Accessory*STARS-Milky* - [Love Soul] - L$100 (50% off sale)
Pants - Liru Av Set Pants - Tonic Takeover - L$600
Boots - Liru Av Set Boots - Tonic Takeover - L$600
Hair - Aisline - Whites(Modded) - .ploom. - L$200
Shirt - Captain Girl Yellow Shirt - BareRose - L$160