Saturday, May 30, 2015

Innocence Maybe

So another blog post and covering A LOT of the upcoming Ai Gacha event. ^ ^ There's a bigger round this time and a lot more designers, I'm so excited! Honestly looking forward to the Ai Gacha more than the Arcade because it's not beyond hyped yet, ugh.. I know Arcade is good and I love gacha - don't get me wrong. But the hype kills me, because there are so many great creators and gacha to play that aren't Arcade and worth it!! Also before it's gone make sure to hit up Kawaii Project and Genre, both oozing kawaii nom goodies! Hope you like the look. ^ ^

Uniform&Back Hairbow - [Cute or Die!] - Sailor Lolita M (FAT PACK) RARE (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Alice hair
Shoes - :: Wretch :: - Lolita Heels Slink Black RARE (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Clutch/Bag - *miwa's airship* - Holiday clutch RARE #1 (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Bracelet - The Dark Fae's - Gachaholic Bracelet Grey (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Books/Pose - .Nomore x Miwa. - book 10 RARE (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Horns - .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. - {Helba~ love} horns (The Fantasy Collective)

House/Building - [Toiz] - pastel blue house RARE (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Black Paw Chair - .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. - {Pawpaw~ black} lowchair (Genre)
White Paw Chair - .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. - {Pawpaw~ white} lowchair (Genre)
Pampow Plush - .: Fujiwara's World :. - Pampow Plushie Commander (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Strawberry Pudding - .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. - {Pudding Hii~} strawberry (Kawaii
Pudding - .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. - {Pudding Ouch} classic (Kawaii Project)
Boombox - Little Llama - Boombox 2 (purple) (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Wall Pictures - [Toiz] - pastel pics (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Pastel Fences - [Toiz] - pastel fence (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Floor Illustation - [Toiz] - pastel astro illustration (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Small Ladder - [Toiz] - basic ladder (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Bigger Ladder - [Toiz] - pastel ladder (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Purple Bottle - [Toiz] - Lavender diffuser (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Blue Bottle - [Toiz] - cleancotton diffuser (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Yellow Bottle - [Toiz] - banana diffuser (Ai Gacha Gacha)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sailor Moon Cosplay Kitty

So the recent releases of yumyums made my Sailor Moon obsession kick with the highest of magical girl flairs! ^3^ I also love the releases that Altair has been putting out too - THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THINGS MOD BY THE WAY! Sometimes I really miss it since a lot of mesh is no mod and it can be tough to get everything to fit just right without clipping. Regardless! I kinda took this look as a non-perfect kitty trying to cosplay up as Sailor Moon. Sometimes it's the imperfections that make outfits adorbs in their own right. ^ ^ Also went with lil dress up black ears and tail to represent Luna. Hehe. I'll also be trying to cross post some things to my FB.  Hope you like the look!

Shirt - .{yumyums}. - Bows Before Bro's Tee (Moon) (IDK Event)
Skirt - BareRose - White and Striped Skirt (Modded)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Tori hair-Fatpack (resize) (Shiny Shabby Event)
Ears - .{yumyums}. - Frisky Long Hair Ears {Cinder} (Genre Event)
Tail - .{yumyums}. - Frisky Long Hair Tail {Cinder} (Genre Event)
Backpack - ALTAIR* - candy backpack .blueberry. (The Kawaii Project)
Hairbow - ALTAIR* - berry bows .cherry.  (right) (The Kawaii Project)
Boots - .ShiroTsuki. - Sailor Moon Boots
Choker - .ShiroTsuki. - Manga Choker Moon

Thursday, May 21, 2015

50 Shades of Kitty

So I had fun with the title and kinda just going on one of the funner releases of yumyums. I actually don't have much idea about the actual series so please don't tell me any reference stuffs cause I probably won't understand it. XD; I also did one of my first posts without me in one of the pics, cause I really felt the furniture spoke for itself and it was really pretty just on its own. I may do that more often, not too sure - feel free to leave a comment here or on flickr to let me know your opinion! I was away last week for family junks, so sorry about the delay. I should be able to have a lot of other fun stuffs coming up and make sure to check out those events! ^ ^v

Outfit/Undies - PARADISIS  - My Girl : Complete outfit Black
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Beki hair (Cosmetic Fair)
Butt Mark - .{yumyums}. - Chu Been Spanked Tattoo {Fresh on Butt} 2 (Romp Event)
Paddle - .{yumyums}. - Naughty Love Paddle (Dark Wood - Pink Tape) (Romp Event)
Ring - [CIRCA] - "Sacred Lotus" Pearl Flower Ring Ocean RARE (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Collar - ALTAIR* - kitty collar .purity black.
Shoes - BareRose - Black Liita

Curtain 1 - [Toiz] - 3. vintage curtain 2 (Gacha Shiny Shabby)
Curtain 2 - [Toiz] - 2. vintage curtain (Gacha Shiny Shabby)
Cafe Logo - [Toiz] - jAzz cAFe (The Liaison Collaborative)
Hanging Cloth - [Toiz] - 1. cloth (Gacha Shiny Shabby)
Table - [Toiz] - 8. table (Gacha Shiny Shabby)
Small Table - [Toiz] - piano wood table (The Liaison Collaborative)
Blue Vase - [Toiz] - 5. small Branch (blue) (Gacha Shiny Shabby)
Small Table2 - [Toiz] - modern wood table (The Liaison Collaborative)
White Vase - [Toiz] - 4. small Branch (white) (Gacha Shiny Shabby)
Book Shelves - [Toiz] - book stand (The Liaison Collaborative)
Music Stand - [Toiz] - Music stand (The Liaison Collaborative)
Turntable - [Toiz] - Turntable (The Liaison Collaborative)
Records - [Toiz] - lp edition (The Liaison Collaborative)
Water Glass - [Toiz] - 6. water cup (Gacha Shiny Shabby)
Knocked over Glass - [Toiz] - 7. oops my ice water! (Gacha Shiny Shabby)
Chair - [Toiz] - brown cafe sofa (The Liaison Collaborative)
Stage - [Toiz] - jazz stage rare (The Liaison Collaborative)
Floor Cushion - [CIRCA] - "By the Pond" Seat Cushion Sage (3 posE) (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Skybox - [Toiz] - 9. unique deco skybox rare (Gacha Shiny Shabby)

Friday, May 8, 2015

Occult Hideaway

Ugh, not super happy with how this came out cause there are a lot of really fine details on Cubic Cherry Kre-ations items and it is beyond tough for me to get them in a good picture like this - so severe apologies. x.x Unfortunately RL health isn't doing hot but really happy to finish up my blogging for the Ai Gacha event, make sure to check it out if you haven't already. ^ ^ Also some other fun items at other events like We Heart RP and the like. Also a freebie in there too! Fun times! Hope all is going well for everyone and have a happy Mother's Day coming up. Hope you like the look.

Shirt - + black moon +  - Occult Crop Top (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Skirt - BareRose -  GL Gungirl Skirt Black Skirt
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Irime hair (We Heart RP)
Collar - ALTAIR* - kitty collar .impure black. (on9 Event)
Tiara - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Irime tiara(GIFT!!!) (We Heart RP Freebie)
Hand Crystal - .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. - {Diviner~ white} crystal (Fantasy Gacha)
Arm Crystals - .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. - {Diviner} white arm crystal RARE (Fantasy Gacha)
Staff - .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. - {Bane~ pure} staff - back (We Heart RP)
Horns - .::cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. - {Echo~ silver} horns (We Heart RP)
Shoes/Socks - PARADISIS - My warmers

Stepping Stones - Arsenal - Heart Stepping Stone Red + Gray (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Flowers - Arsenal - Heart Flower Gray (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Bench - Arsenal - Heart Bench Black (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Gazebo - Arsenal - Heart Gazebo Set 1 RARE (Ai Gacha Gacha)

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Just Another Day

Typical day outfit, this time showing off the furniture moreso as a background. ^ ^; Honestly I think it looks better that way for me and the majority of the items are from the Ai Gacha which is officially open - so make sure to check it out! Altair also has a new collar set available at the Dark Style Fair 2, and just fun stuffs all around. New month, new items! Hope you like the look.

Dress - *Miwa's airship* - woaini #1 (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Cherry hair
Collar - ALTAIR* - kokoro collar .purity pink. (Dark Style Fair 2)
Kanzashi - Anachron - Mini Kanzashi Pink (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Plushie - (LoD) - Ichi-Berry Friends :D Sprinkles! RARE (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Shoes - BareRose - White Liita Pink Shoelace

Bunkbed - .::IDK::. - Gacha Bunk Brothers #02 (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Sofa - Candy Crunchers - Sunday Morning Sofa RARE (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Chair1 - Candy Crunchers - Sunday Morning Chair 2 (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Chair2 - Candy Crunchers - Sunday Morning Chair 1 (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Rug - Candy Crunchers - Sunday Morning Rug (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Lamp - Candy Crunchers - Sunday Morning Lamp (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Table - Candy Crunchers - Sunday Morning Coffee Table (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Skybox - [Toiz] - white wood skybox rare (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Mobile - [Toiz] - blue paper airplane mobile (Ai Gacha Gacha)