Friday, April 15, 2011

Sakura Kitty Kitty!

So been saving up slowly to get a couple things and one of them was the new Manna released sakura dress. It's pretty nice and very clean prim work, I really enjoy the stuff she's been putting out even though it takes me a bit to get them. ^^ Also a couple new items have been released at PFJ and I couldn't resist the white kitty from FA. :3

Dress - Fleur de Sakura Dress - Manna - L$325 Necklace - Passion Necklace - Manna - L$225 Kitty - White Cat ~ Project FUR Japan - FallnAngel - L$50 Hair - Fiona (Modified & Tinted) - Friday - L$250

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Masked Kitty!

So I got some really nice shoes from The Pony Store for furries, which most may not know about. ^^ I have their link on the side of the blog and they occationally put out cute furry gear. The nice thing about these shoes are that they can be modded through a HUD to change the color on any piece so you could wear them with any fur color (solid colors) and change the shoe colors to match whatever outfit. Naturally I decided to go with a dark look for these with a kinda masquerade type thing. XD Enjoy.

Mask - Malevola Mask - Illusions - NFS (Old Dollarbie at Fantasy Faire)
Shoes - Paw Boots (Four Toe) - The Pony Store - L$199
Outfit - Behind the Mask - BareRose - L$145
Hair - Waverly - KA - NFS

Monday, April 11, 2011

Posin' No Threat Kitties!

So really cute coupley poses new release at HelaMiyo. ^^ I got to nab Hina to model this one out with me and probably should do more stuff like this since it's so fun. XD Also I have to apologize since the really cute hair I'm wearing here isn't available since PCF is over; hopefully kik will have them for sale later at their store. ^^ Also a heads up that HelpJapan is having a second round of charity items released. So make sure to check out all these great finds when ya can.

Poses Poses - Poses Against a Wall - HelaMiyo - L$400 On Serenity Outfit - Kawaii Seifuku - BareRose - L$160 Hair - Rena I (tinted) ~ PCF - kik - L$300/NFS On Hinamori Outfit - Kakkoii Seifuku - BareRose - L$150 Hair - Calm Gangster[Neo Black] - Find Ash - L$260

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kawaii Pinku Kitty!

So was trying to figure out what to wear to compliment the cuteness and pink themed items from Sanu's RFL Fantasy Faire charity items; and it just struck me like lightning. Next thing I knew I was all over this theme. XD I also picked up a new hair I saw at Cute Bytes which is addictively cute; yet no mod but I made it work regardless (so happy they carry some hair in purple). Also I cannot stress how happy I am that Sanu makes mod earrings so I can attach them to my ears; yay! Make sure to check out Sanu's stop at RFL Fantasy Faire; she also has a dollarbie there and tons of neat stuffs. ^^

Heart Pet - Chibi Heart Faire ~ RFL - Sanu - L$100 Earrings - Silly Star Earrings ~ RFL - Sanu - L$25 Outfit - Nekomata Musume - BareRose - L$140 Hair - Juky Hairs Purple - Cute Bytes - L$150

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Project Fur Japan Multi Post Kitty

So this wraps up most of the items I picked up from PFJ with these final three. There's always more stuff being added to make sure to check it out because you never know what's being added. I check the flickr often and usually you get the best update info there. Today is a very casual look and just a content like look. I think I may need to play around with these more later with other looks because they're pretty fun to wear. ^^

Shirt - Project FUR Japan T-Shirt - Lauria - L$99 Goldfish Bowl - Take Me Home Goldfish - A.D.D Andel - L$75 Necklace - :: LING LING :: Black/White - LOULOU&CO - L$100 Jeans - Jeans for Save Japan - Grace Azure - L$0 Hair - Season 2 - White (Tinted) - elikatira - NFS One Eleven Event

Monday, April 4, 2011

Purple Warrior Kitty!

So I figured this would be a good tie in of the two charities going on right now. There's the obvious Project Fur Japan and also the RFL Fantasy Faire has started up as well. I only have a couple items from each left to cover so hopefully this has been helpful to those reading. ^^ These two are for each charity event and both from BareRose. You can find them both at their respective events.

Outfit - Ruby Bikini Armor RFL SE - BareRose - L$140 Animal Mount - Night Wolf SE Project FUR Japan - BareRose - L$130 Hair - Mary Silver (Tinted) - Zero Style - L$300

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Project Fur Japan Fur the Animals!

So Project Fur Japan is officially open! You can find the link in my last post or on their website which is in the sidelinks. There are some adorable animal related goods for sale at this event. One of these is from Paris Rain who made some cute KittyCat's themed items ment for the breedables to lay on but I find it works fine with tiny kitty avs if you have 'um! ^^ I'm the lil siamese nekogarumi in here and Hina is the scottish fold one; who is a very very lazy kitty. Also decided to include the adorable Shiba Inu from Hazard Kitty and some cute sushi. ^^ Make sure to check out the event for these and more great finds.

Avatar1 - Nekogarumi slamsese kitty kanban - Elan - L$100 Avatar2 - Nekogarumi taremimi san . - Elan - L$100 Cat Beds - Paris' Coastal Bay Kitty Beds ~ PFJ - Paris - L$75 Cat Tree - Paris' Island Punch Cat Tree ~ PFJ - Paris - L$75 Shiba Inu - Shiba Inu Dog ~ PFJ - Hazard Kitty - L$150 Sushi Dish - Walking Sushi - Inaka - L$0 Single Sushi Pieces - Sea Bream Nigiri - Satu's Sushi - L$80

Friday, April 1, 2011

ScatterBrain Customs ~ Project Fur Japan

So WOW Project Fur Japan starts up tomorrow, April 2nd at 9pm SLT! This event takes place over a whole sim and has a lot of different items to offer. Once again I will be trying to keep up with blogging but may be a little slow.

Bike - The Raptor Euro Bopper Hot Rod & Vanilla Ice 2 Pack ~ PFJ - L$1000 On Serenity Shorts - Hot Nora - BareRose - L$120 Top - TLS Denim Bikini - BareRose - L$10 Hair - Kase 2 White (tinted) - Truth - L$250 This time I got some amazing help from my friends with these photos for Scatterbrain Customs. For this charity they have dropped the price of their bikes by L$500; so it's only L$1k a bike. They are only available at this price for the event on the sim. Make sure to check out their great deal.

Bike - The Scrambler Springer ~ PFJ - L$1000 On Croon Hair - Vive9 Skin - My UglyDorothy Bodysuit - SLink Just to cover a little more they come with custom seating that you can move yourself to fit the position perfect; also it comes with an unlocking feature so you can let your friends ride with you. ^^ As well as a Sit Delete option which is a helpful lag reducing feature that sim owners may enjoy.

Bike - The Odin Custom Cruiser Highroller Edition ~ PFJ - L$1000 On Caraway Hair - Maitreya - Lotte Vest - Argrace - Leather Vest (Sepia) Horns - [][]Trap[][] Magma Crown (Limited Stamp Hunt) Accessories - < Yabusaka > Winged Crystal Earring Pants - A:S:S - Starstruck jeans (Past hunt item) Boots - [e] Secret Boots - Molasses Skin - League - Taylor (Pale) ScatterBrain Customs also takes custom bike orders so if you have a urge to get something special make sure to check out their store; they come up in search as well. So get a nice deal for a great charity while you can. ^^

Bike - The Norfield Trooper Civic Edition ~ PFJ - L$1000 On Hina (Hair) Kin-Aideen-[black] - Kin (Scarf) Musashi Black Silk Scarf - Musashi Blades (Shoes) Slowrez Sneakz - Slowrez (Shirt) Waistland Pirate Jacket - Nein (Shirt) Waistland Pirate Shirt - Nein (Pants) rockerwear street baggy pants - rockerwear (Gloves) [Shadown] Steel Godfist - [GearShift] (Tattoo) ::: B@R ::: Bonji -Amida Nyorai - BareRose (Glasses) primOptic Donna glasses - PrimOptic (Skin) *Mcskin Skin*(Mc0017)g-o - Mcskin (Pose) AlleyLean - Endless Dreams NFS

Bike - The Bopper Bobber ~ PFJ - L$1000 Bike - The Phoenix Custom ~ PFJ - L$1000 Project Fur Japan Location