Monday, February 24, 2014

Ribbon Chan BareRose Event Gift

So another EGL event is coming up at BareRose (think of it as a dressing fancy and trying to stay in theme, though you don't have to.) It's themed for Sweet Valentines. You can attend this event on Feb. 28th at 8pm SLT at the BareRose Ballroom . And if you attend you get this outfit I'm wearing for free, otherwise it will be for sale at a later date for those who can't make it. ^ ^ I really felt this outfit was similar to the last one a bit so had a tough time taking a pic for it. @ @ Though, I'm very happy I got to actually make some video game trivia for it! Hope to see you there~

Outfit - Ribbon Chan (Free at the Event)
Everything Else Not Included

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Warmest Valentine

So really needed to do something but nothing was hitting me, don't you hate when that happens? So I went with something simple and pink to keep going with a Valentine's Day theme sort of. This strikes me as a casual date look overall and I had fun with playing some of the expressions. I hope some people look at this and come to their own funny conclusions of what is being said or thought. ^ ^ Hope everyone has a good holiday! (Even the singles like me!)

Also big reminder this LCKY hair is limited edition! There's only about 60 or so left (last I checked) so once those are gone or it hits the 14th - they're gone forever. So get this really cute hair and fatpack before it goes!

Outfit - BareRose - Maia T2-L Pink
Hair - LCKY - Aiko Limited Edition (Modded)
Choker - Pekka - Ribbon heart collar Raven RARE (Gacha)
Phone - VCO - miki phon RARE2 Ribbon (Gacha)
Shoes/Socks - PARADISIS - My Warmers
Ring - BABY - Cute Heart Ring
Location - Love Soul Cafe

Friday, February 7, 2014

Suki Yo Suki Yo Daisuki Yo!

So I wanted to do a nice picture for Valentine's Day and how better to do it than with some of the cutest girls I know? Hehe~ I really love this picture so much, it's pretty simple but I just enjoy a Japanese valentines type picture so I hope you all do too! If you're wondering what it's asking it's asking to Be My Valentine? poorly written I know but the same (don't kill my poor Japanese understanding, still studying!) So hope everyone has a sweet holiday no matter who you spend it with! I'll be cheering you on. ^o^

P.S. - The Title was Inspired by this Song, just thought people might want to see. ^ ^ (Warning, may make ya baw face)

From Left to Right

Outfit - 109 Prims - Sailor Uniform
Hair - 0 Style - Othello
Ears - 0 Style - Nekomimi
Tail - Two Cats One Cup - Somali Tail

Outfit - Monso - My School Look Blazer
Hair - LeLutka - NEU

Outfit - Edelweiss - School-Line Mesh Uniform
Hair - Magicka - Curious
Tails & Ears - O.M.E.N - Kitsune Accessories

Uniform - Edelweiss - Cardigan School-Line Mesh Uniform
Chest Ribbon - BareRose - Terakoya-L (Modded)
Hair - Wasabi Pills - Brigitte
Hat - Half-Deer - Truffle Beret Rainbow Sprinkles RARE
Glasses - BareRose - Toy Shop Girl Glasses
Bracelet/Watch - BareRose - White and Striped Pink Watch
Face Charms - Little Glass Wish - Starry Anime Face Charms

Location - Hentai High

Monday, February 3, 2014

Berry Dango Good!

So this was a take on Very Damn Good but I don't think most people would get that. Hehehe~ I was really stuck on what to blog and knew I had some things coming up and decided why not shove cute noms in my hair and make it look messy yet pretty! Ok.. so maybe not everyone will agree with it but I liked how this looked. Was just silly fun, hope you all liked it. ^ ^

Outfit - Blah - My Sticky Candy Suit Lilac/Sky
Collar - tsg - Good Kitty Collar Lavender (Gacha)
Hair - LCKY - Mui (Disaster Pack Color)
Dango - Amai - Dango (All Collars)
Eyepatch - Blah - My Cupcake Patch Sweet Berries
Socks/Shoes - Paradisis - My Warmers Pastel Pack