Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dorky Convention Kitty

Hello, back from a trip I didn't wanna go on for the holidays. ^ ^; and unfortunately came back with a cold/flu whatever. Now there still some time to check out some of the things at the events, but some may be going away soon (or moving to the main stores in some situations). Make sure to check out the fun stuff at Level Up going on for a little less than a week I think. Hope everyone had a good holiday and happy new year!

Shirt - *Epic* - Cozy Off-Shoulder Top {8-Bit.Heart.Black} (Epic VIP Group)
Pants - BareRose - Toy Shop Girl Pants
Shoulder Bag - .{yumyums}. - Pack's Trail Bag {Blitzed Ghost} (Level Up Event)
Headband - LCKY - Baby Unicorn Headband Pale Tintable
Backpack - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {Classics~  <3 bag="" br="" evel="" event="" gacha="" up="">Chain Chomp - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {Chompychain~ black} tail (Level Up Event)
Lanyard - Yellow Berry - Lunatic Lanyards Black (GH2 Hunt Prize)
Shoes - NoRe! - Candy Rocker (RAH3 Hunt Prize)
Hair - taketomi - Kokoa Fatpack (Gacha)
Hair Accessories 1 - Edelweiss - Chouchou Pastel pink (Modded & Gacha)
Hair Accessories 2 - Love Soul - Hair Accessory*STARS-Milky*
Barette 1 - Sweet Thing - Shooting Heart Hair Clip Starshine (Gacha)
Barette 2 - Sweet Thing - Shooting Star Hair Clip Starshine (Gacha)
Glasses - BareRose - Toy Shop Girl Glasses

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Chillin' Durin' Christmas...

Sorry, not a ton to say this time. Been prepping to head out for the holidays, so probably no post next week! > < But there's some new events that have popped up like the FROST Event, new round of Kustom 9, and Gacha Mania. I'm sporting a couple things with a theme in mind of a kinda.. how -I- would be at home during Christmas. All snug and warm, lazy wear and some cute accessories. Hope you like it!  ^ ^

Cardigan - MotiAme - Cardigan Coat (Kustom 9)
Shirt - MotiAme - Shirt (Kustom 9)
Shorts - MotiAme - Denim Shorts (Kustom 9)
Hair - LCKY - Shelby (FROST Event)
Penguin - LCKY Icy Pengiun (FROST Event)
Horns - Amai - Sweet Fawn Cyan (Gacha Mania Gacha)
Necklace - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Swirls~ silver necklace (Jewelry & Accessories Expo)
Popcorn - Toiz - movie set popcorn
Soda - Toiz - movie set coke
Socks/Shoes - PARADISIS - My warmers

Friday, December 12, 2014

Oh Catmus Tree!

So it's that time of year to dress up silly and incorporate things you wouldn't normally expect together andddd *drumroll* freebies! Once again a lot of these are specials at certain events so make sure to check them out. Unfortunately my blog posts may be wonky because of travel, but hopefully can get my new laptop set up so it shouldn't be too bad. ^ ^ Hope you like the look!

Dress - BareRose - Pastel Xmass Tree Dress (Raffle Ball Freebie)
Star Hair Clips - ALTAIR* - starry clips .yellow.
Horns - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Meridian Heaven Horns (We Heart RP Event)
Xmas Potato - Cubic Cherry Kre-actions - Sleepy Potatoes Merry Xmas (We Heart RP Event Freebie)
Dino Tails - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - DINO!Heart~ green-w} tail (Jewelry & Accessory Expo Gacha)
Hair - LCKY - Aya (Big Show)
Legs - f a u n a - KittyKicks Semi-Digi Legs

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Xmas Time Adventure

So this is a little weird one but it made sense to me. XD I went with a kinda red, white, cream, black theme that may be a lost on some but it ended up making sense to me! It's a combination of casual with some fun little fantasy like elements, which I enjoy snazzing up casual looks at times. A lot of these are from specific events so make sure to check them out! In other news, next week I'm going to be away for the holidays BUT should hopefully have a new laptop so I can keep posting. ^ ^v Hope you like the look.

Duffle Coat/Under/Skirt - MotiAme - Duffle Coat/Skirt/Under (Uber Event)
Hair - LCKY - Helli
Necklace - Buttery Toast - Potion Collection Long {add} Red (Geeks N'Nerds Fair)
Goggles - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {Almira~ chokocream}googles RARE (Suicide Dollz Event Gacha)
Head Kitty - Altair - Kitty Companion (Winter Trend Event)
Scenery - Toiz - newyork skyline skybox
Poses - HelaMiyo - Dystopian
Shoes/Sotckings - BE Designs - Pauline. Mesh Legwarmers

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ice Cream Social

So I was pretty excited to blog this and wrapping up the Geeks N' Nerds fair, remember it ends on the 10th! Hurry! My main love was the outfit that yumyums put out for the fair, it has A LOT of different huds you could get but I had fun using the kawaii and sweets one because I could play around with the colors and get the Neapolitan type look I love. ;A; No one combines white, chocolate, and strawberry enough! It's fitted mesh, and there's a demo there to test it out yourself. I really would advise not missing out on this since it's just so cute. From the same fair I got to blog the Frogstar jewelry, which I thought I'd go with the rest one to represent cherries kinda. ^ ^ They're cute Yoshi eggs too, I don't know why I just find the pattern so cute. Maybe it's the gamer in me... lastly Tomga has rebranded to Toiz and recently released some nice ugg boots. They come in multiple colors, like most of the other things I blogged. Lately I won't be blogging for LCKY since they'll be moving to a blogger collective (that I stand no chance of getting in XD;) but will show off their latest three hair releases, this is one of three and has cute cookie ear muffs! Hope you like the look, even though it's probably weird to be ice cream in winter time. XD;

P.S. - Mokyu put out a new head and I picked it up! It's similar to the Hina head and on sale for a limited time along with another one.

Outfit - yumyums - School Daze Outfit (Geeks N'Nerds Fair)
Skirt HUD - yumyums - School Daze Skirt HUD {Sweet} (Geeks N'Nerds Fair)
Shirt HUD - yumyums - School Daze Sweater HUD {Kawaii} (Geeks N'Nerds Fair)
Hair - LCKY -  Winter I w/Cookie Muffs
Necklace - Frogstar - Dino Egg Necklace (Red) (Geeks N'Nerds Fair)
Earrings - Frogstar - Dino Egg Earrings (Red) (Geeks N'Nerds Fair)
Shoes - Toiz - winter cute ugg boots ivory
Stockings - Sugar Heart - Sweet Factory Tights ~ Waffle Cone RARE (Gacha)
Head - Mokyu - Mio *Modded*

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Living in a Gamer World

So catching up on some recently put out some things that you should make sure to check out. ^ ^ Also got to blog for some of the Geeks N' Nerds Fair which I enjoyed, not enough gamer stuff in SL for me srs! Some things worth noting that you wouldn't be able to find out in one pic, is the Altair ribbons for the cute Rabi En Rose (woo I'm not the only one who knows what the Di Gi Charat series is!) are color changeable and come in different colors for the bunny ears, find them at the CosplaySL event. The little Oni friends I have in this pic are animated pals and come in more than the colors shown here from Cubic Cherry Creations at Xiasumi School Festival, which I think is ending soon?

And then sooo much at the GnN Fair! The gamer necklace from tsg. comes in multiple colors, but I am a huge sucker for her beautiful pastel colors. ^ ^ The backpack from Altair also is at the same fair with multiple designs, but I liked the cutesy princess-y one. The fantastic Prrmbah Cats from Culprit are just fun as heck, I've left them rezzed out my house for a couple days now. They actually move around, can be stopped, repositioned, heck I've had some of my friend's riding them around! XD They also come in multiple colors and styles, like shown here. And finally the thought bubbles from Buttery Toast are fun for me cause I'm thinking things things half the time. Now, they don't have a white filler like in the picture but I did it so you can see the words clearly (sometimes backgrounds mess with that) but they work really good in world. Make sure to check out these things and hope you like the look! ^ ^

Outfit/Shoes - BareRose - Pastel Fuyufuku
Hair - LCKY - Athena (CosplaySL Event)
Necklace - tsg - Gamer Girl Necklace Pink (Geeks N'Nerds Fair)
Hair Accessories - ALTAIR* - Rabi en Rose .white ears. (CosplaySL Event)
Backpack - ALTAIR* - qt backpack ~princess peach~ (Geeks N'Nerds Fair)
Oni Pal - {Chibi Oni~ momochan } companion (Xiasumi School Festival Event)
Oni Pal2 - {Chibi Oni~ akakun} companion (Xiasumi School Festival Event)
Oni Pal3 - {Chibi Oni~ aoisan} companion (Xiasumi School Festival Event)
Thought Bubble - Buttery Toast - Thought bubble Gaming {add} (Geeks N'Nerds Fair)
Thought Bubble2 - Buttery Toast- Thought bubble Loading {add} (Geeks N'Nerds Fair)
Thought Bubble3 - Buttery Toast- Thought bubble Idiots {add} (Geeks N'Nerds Fair)
Prrmbah Cat - Culprit - Prrmbah Saurus Mike (Geeks N'Nerds Fair)
Prrmbah Cat2 - Culprit - Prrmbah Driver Mike (Geeks N'Nerds Fair)
Prrmbah Cat3 - Culprit - Prrmbah Pilot Mike (Geeks N'Nerds Fair)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Moonlit Sonata

So my post is late but yay BareRose event tonight! It's a Autumn themed ball event, with a free outfit gift for attendees. The event is at 8pm SLT tonight and location is provided. ^ ^ Hope you like the quick post and look!

Loaction - BareRose Ballroom

Outfit/Necklace - BareRose - Foreeta EGL Gift (Free at Event)
Hair - Taketomi - Kokoa Hair Fatpack RARE (Gacha)
Hairclip 1 - Sweet Thing - Shooting Heart Hair Clip (Starshine) (Gacha)
Hairclip 2 - Sweet Thing - Shooting Star Hair Clip (Starshine) (Gacha)
Scrunchies - Edewelsiss - Chouchou Pastel pink (Gacha)
Star Accessories - Love Soul - Hair Accessory*STARS-Milky*

Monday, November 17, 2014

Cheer It For the Cats!

So, if you haven't checked out a lot of the new events going on MAKE SURE TO! I don't think they'll be around for much longer and sometimes it's tough to tell what's exclusive and what's not. Sometimes, as a shopper - that's a problem I run into often. But, regardless, tons of cute stuff. I went with a kinda cheerleading cat fan for this look and hope you like it. ^ ^

Outfit - MotiAme - Cheerleading Uniform (XSM School Event)
Undershirt - MotiAme - Cheerleading Undershirt (XSM School Event)
Jacket - MotiAme - Cheerleading Jacket (XSM School Event)
Hair - LCKY - Janine
Kitty Ears - Altair - Feline Familiar White
Necklace - Altair - zZz neko necklace White (CosplaySL Event)
Cat1 - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {Cat Circus~ Ryuk } set (Cirque de Seraphim Event)
Cat2 - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {Cat Circus~ Nahza } set (Cirque de Seraphim Event)
Cat3 - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {Cat Circus~ Maru} set (Cirque de Seraphim Event)
Cat4 - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {Cat Circus~ Blacky} set (Cirque de Seraphim Event)
Socks - Edelweiss - School-Line Loose Socks (M)
Shoes - Edelweiss - School Loafer Black

Monday, November 10, 2014

Magical Alice Wonderland Battle!

So as some may know the Fantasy Gacha Carnival event is up and there's a lot of interesting gachas to play. BUT I'm obviously biased towards yumyums because they took Wonderland route with their gacha and I love alice/wonderland stuffs! But I didn't wanna use the typical wonderland look especially since some of the items in the gacha are battle based, sooo I took it in a Alice in Wonderland meets Magical Girl type sense. Which I really enjoyed how it came out and I hope you do too. ^ ^

Outfit/Shoes/Hair Accessory - BareRose - Magical Mai-L
Hair - Alice Project - Mika II Glitter/Rainbow Streaks Indigo (Gacha)
Canteen - yumyums - S. Wonderland Old Magpie Mana Tea Canteen (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Heart Bomb - yumyums - S. Wonderland Queen of <3 antasy="" bomb="" br="" carnival="" ed="" gacha="">Teacups - yumyums - S. Wonderland Teeter Teacups Tophat (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Dagger - yumyums - Bloody Snicker-Snack Dagger ULTRA RARE (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Mallet - yumyums - S. Wonderland Ladies Mallet RARE Drawn (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Cards - yumyums - S. Wonderland Deck of Doom (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Spear - yumyums - S. Wonderland Spade Spear {Underlander} (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Bottle1 - yumyums - S. Wonderland Drink Me {Magpie} (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Bottle2 - yumyums - S. Wonderland Drink Me {Caterpiller} (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Heart Cake1 - yumyums - S. Wonderland Queen's Cakes {Red Queen} (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Heart Cake2 - yumyums - S. Wonderland Queen's Cakes {Spades} (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Friday, November 7, 2014

Casual Shopping Day~

Even though the picture is relaxing, I feel a little better as I'm slowly getting caught up with this. XD Haha very slowly. Most of this is one of the latest releases from MotiAme, though I do have more of their great products coming up too. Sorry not a ton to say here but hope you like the look.

Shirt/Jacket - MotiAme - Leather Jacket
Skirt - MotiAme - Long Skirt
Hair - Rosy mood - Daylily  (modded)
Shoes - Edelweiss -  School Loafer Black

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

G Field Adoration

So, not too long ago I got an amazing opportunity to blog some of the Mystic Realms Faire items from G*Field - btw if you like these they have similar styles at their main store. I have been a HUGE fan of their clothes and shoes forever and feel like they never get enough love. They give out gifts, they have just spot on details that make you just stare for a moment, to take in how well made it is. But regardless, I love the store - I hope you do too and make sure to check it out. ^ ^

Outfit - G Field - [Mesh] Elwyn Outfit (Mystic Realms Faire)
Shoes - G Field - Short Western Boots White
Necklace - G Field - Key Necklace Brass
Headband - G Field - Flower Headband Pink
Hair - Rosy Mood - Honey Dipper

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Magical Merkitty

I haven't done a mermaid post in the longest but still love to do one here and there. I really think there are some amazing creators out there, like Stitched, who manage to sneak under my radar but still make great stuff! They were at the Mystic Realms faire but unfortunately RL tied me up for the longest (and not in the fun way T^T). I was really happy there were multiple colors to choose from for this and such nice solid colors, sometimes people get a little carried away and I love a Little Mermaid kinda appeal that this has going on. I also got a chance to use a hair I bought awhile back from Magika that is tough to wear without covering up most of my outfits. Hope you like the look.     ^ ^

Mermaid Shells & Tail - Stitched - MRF Female
Hair - Magika - Harmony
Bangs - Alice Project - Lola Bangs (Modded)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Golden Witch of Light

So the Mystic Realms Faire is over but still have some nice items to show, some of the creators even have similar type things at their store or the same things to check out too. ^ ^ I got to show off Niekra's Dreams really nice witch set, it comes with shoes even but since I don't use slink feet - I couldn't wear them. Sad faceee. Also at the Tales of Fantasy event you can check out some neat accessories and gacha from Cubic Cherry Kreations; the wand I'm using actually has a little spell HUD and such and is a gacha from Altair. Hope you like the look. ^ ^

Outfit/Hat - Niekra's Dreams - Light Witch Outfit (Mystic Realms Faire)
Wand/Spell - ALTAIR* - mahou shoujo .pink. RARE (Gacha)
Fairy - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {Forest Onion} Lalalulu RARE (Tales of Fantasy Gacha)
Necklace - Cubic Cherry kre-ations - {Druid's Call~gold-g} necklace (Tales of Fantasy)
Shoes - BareRose - White XoXo Lace
Hair - Rosy mood - MESH hair / Honey Dipper

Monday, October 27, 2014

Forest Maiden Fashion

So I was lucky to get to blog for Les Encantades from the Mystic Realms Faire, and I loved their clothes! It makes me so happy that fairs bring in new places that you may not have heard of before. ^ ^ I got a couple outfits to review and instead of choosing one I thought it best to show them all off! I hope you like the style as much as I do.

Outfit1 - Les Encantades - Astrid Earth (Mystic Realms Faire)
Outfit2 - Les Encantades - Irmgard Ruby (Mystic Realms Faire)
Outfit3 - Les Encantades - Gretchen Aqua (Mystic Realms Faire)
Hair - Magika - Olivia (Discontinued)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Underdepths Goddess

So rushing to try to finish posts but the Mystic Realms Faire my be over or ending. T^T Apologies about my RL eating up my time. But I really loved combining so many things from the Faire. The Fuubutsu Dou is just fantastic at her creations, I adore all the stuff she does and thought the outfit screamed goddess but combining it with some other things I took it as an undersea type approach. ^ ^ Bluprintz tentacle jewelry, so pretty and I loved that I could tint it to pretty much whatever color I wanted!, complimented this well. I also imagined horns fitting well here so used the one from CCK. Hope you like the look!

Outfit/Crown/Wand/Some Accessories - Fuubutsu Dou - MITSUKO -Complete Set (Mystic Realms Faire)
Hair - Ayashi - Mermaid hair (Mystic Realms Faire)
Horns - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {Faded~ black in snow} horns (I)(Body Modificiation Event)
Tentacle1 - Bluprintz - Tentacle Necklace (Mystic Realms Faire)
Tentacle2 - Bluprintz - Tentactle Bracelets (Mystic Realms Faire)
Tentacle3 - Bluprintz - Tentacle Legging (Mystic Realms Faire)

Channeling the Magic!

So to carry one with Mystic Realms Faire items, I have some really lovely pieces to show in the next couple posts - so I hope you like them. I'm not sure if the staff went but who cares when you're doing magic! Any staff can go! I also thought the color went relatively well with Ayashi's tiara in the hair. ^ ^ But I adored the Ardent Mage outfit that Gauze put out, this one comes in multiple colors but I couldn't resist this rich blue. It almost seemed a shame to do the normal background I did since things were so detailed and fancy, so I went with a very plain one to show off the outfits more. Just wow for Spyralle's magical cyclone accessories, I thought the color and just look worked really well with Gauze's outfit. I also had fun enhancing the glow on the eyes on my Mokyu head to make it more glowy! Hope you enjoy the look and don't forget to check out the faire.

Outfit/Collar/Sleeves - Gauze - Ardent Mage: Mana  (Mystic Realms Faire)
Hair - Ayashi - Teona hair  (Mystic Realms Faire)
Staff - Cila - Key to my heart Stave Silver (Mystic Realms Faire)
Magic Accessory1 - Spyralle - Cyclone Headpiece (Mystic Realms Faire)
Magic Accessory2 - Spyralle - Cyclone Neckpiece (Mystic Realms Faire)
Magic Accessory3 - Spyralle - Cyclone Arm R (Mystic Realms Faire)
Magic Accessory4 - Spyralle - Cyclone Arm L (Mystic Realms Faire)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Boo's and Who's!

So wow has it been tough for me to keep up with all the stuff going on because this month is jam packed with awesomesauce Halloween goods and what not. So lots of these goodies are at all sorts of limited time events, so make sure to check them out. Not sure how long the Body Modifications event is going on for but the yumyum's Halloween themed gacha for it is just soooo great! Also the accessories that Amai has at the cutsie Cure-Con (good cause, go support it!). And then all the great items at the RMK Halloween event from Pantsu*Hunter and Cubic Cherry Kreations. BIG Announcement too, Pantsu*Hunter is having a closing sale and moving their products to Marketplace so make sure to check out their store ASAP!

Dress - Pantsu*Hunter - Yui Dress Bloody (RMK Halloween Event)
Ghost 1 - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {Lil ghost~ Saix} wear follow (RMK Halloween Event)
Ghost 2 - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {Lil ghost~ Aydan} wear follow (RMK Halloween Event)
Staff - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {Lil Witch~ thanako} staff Back (RMK Halloween Event)
Necklace - yumyums - Miss Batty Necklace {Night} RARE (Body Modification Event Gacha)
Hair Bow1 - yumyums - (left) Nostalgic Candy Bow (Body Modification Event Gacha)
Hair Bow2 - yumyums - (right) Nostalgic Candy Bow (Body Modification Event Gacha)
Ring - yumyums - Creepy Cute Spider Ring {Black Widow} (Body Modification Event Gacha)
CandyDots Nom - yumyums - NomNom CandyDots {Trick-or-Treat} (Body Modification Event Gacha)
Hair Eyes - Amai - Spoopy Eyeballz. <3 -="" 2014="" br="" orange="" ure-con="">Hair - Taketomi - Kokoa Fatpack (Old Gacha Mania Gacha)
Socks - Edelweiss - Bloody Loose Socks
Shoes - Edelweiss - School Loafer Black

Monday, October 20, 2014

Bride of the Mummy!

So this Friday there will be an EGL Halloween Party for BareRose. Typical time of 8pm SLT at Club Blackbone. I really love the outfit for the gift this time, because there's is never enough cute mummy stuff imo! Not too much indepth this time more of a preview and heads up. ^ ^ Should have more normal blog posts this week. Hope you like the look!

Outfit - BareRose - Mummy Mew Blue (Free Event Attendee Gift)
Hair - Taketomi - Kakoa_GothQueen_Fatpack RARE (Gacha)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Casual In Rapture

So many things still to cover, and lots of great events are popping up this month. I was surprised to not be utterly swamped with nothing but Halloween stuff. But, for those not super into the holiday, make sure to check out the Seasons Story event and the Mystic Realm Faire. These are just a couple sneak peeks in a more casual tone, dunno why I felt Rapture setting was kinda fitting..., but many more to come! ^ ^ Hope you enjoy the look.

Table/Chairs - Kei Spot - Kei's Bakery Cafe Table (red) (Mystic Realm Faire)
Bakery Display - Kei Spot - Kei's Bakery Display Case (red) (Mystic Realm Faire)

Jacket - MotiAme - High Collar Coat Navy (Seasons Story Event)
Skirt - MotiAme - Box Pleated Skirt Black (Seasons Story Event)
Hair - Ayashi - Zarina (Mystic Realm Faire)
Sunglasses - TOMGA - LEON Sunglasses BLACK
Socks - Edelweiss - School-Line Loose Socks
Shoes - Edelweiss - School Loafer Black

Monday, October 13, 2014


So I'm finally (now that I got a moment to blog) wrapping up with the Candy Fair Exclusives! I'm proud and sad at the same time, because I really loved this fair but also happy I was able to complete the blogging I needed to do but I'm really gonna miss all the amazing noms! A huge shout out for the people who supported me 'cause I really struggled during furniture things and trying to make it look as good as the other bloggers; but I obviously have a long way to go. @ @; Hope you enjoyed it and make sure to check out all the amazing things!

Rug - Sway's - [Sweet] Rug chocolate (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Table - Sway's - [Sweet] coffee table chocolate (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Chairs - Sway's - [Sweet] Armchair chocolate (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Couch - Sway's - [Sweet] Sofa . chocolate (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Orange - Sway's - [Fruit] Cushion orange (wear or rez) RARE (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Pineapple - Sway's - [Fruit] Cushion pineapple (wear or rez) (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Kiwi - Sway's - [Fruit] Cushion kiwi  (wear or rez) (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Lemon - Sway's [Fruit] Cushion lemon (wear or rez) (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Cherry - Sway's [Fruit] Cushion cherry (wear or rez) RARE (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Pear - Sway's [Fruit] Cushion pear  (wear or rez) (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Apple - Sway's [Fruit] Cushion apple (wear or rez) (Candy Fair Exclusive)

Dress - Kawaii - Lollipop Dress Strawberry (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Hair - LCKY - Vivianne
Ice Cream Carrier - yumyums - Quarter Cone Queen Carrier RARE (Candy Fair Gacha Exclusive)
Umbrella1 - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {Mephy~ pink choco} umbrella (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Umbrella2 - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {Mephy~ pink} umbrella (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Cotton Candy Plushie - Razzberry Inc. - Yummies (Cotton Candy-Pink) (Candy Fair Gacha Exclusive)
Collar - yumyums - Kitty Collar {Gold} RARE (Body Modification Gacha Fair)
Hat - yumyums - Debbie Cakie Hat {Strawberry} (Candy Fair Gacha Exclusive)
Shoes - Sweet Thing - Lovely Creepers White

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sweets N Cards~

There's so much to cover on the Candy Fair but I'm hoping to cover all the items I have before the week is up. I should have called this week - Om Nom Nom week. XD Anyways, I hope you're enjoying it. Pretty much everything I've been showing is fantastic exclusives from the Candy Fair, so make sure to check out the 2 sims of amazing items and gacha!

Heart Pouf1 - Sway's - [Heart Candy] Pouf love you RARE (Candy Fair Exlcusive Gacha)
Heart Pouf2 - Sway's - [Heart Candy] Pouf sweet heart RARE (Candy Fair Exlcusive Gacha)
Heart Pouf3 - Sway's - [Heart Candy] Pouf xoxo RARE (Candy Fair Exlcusive Gacha)
Chairs - Myrrine - Cafe chair pink (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Table - Myrrine - cafe table pink (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Teacup1 - Myrrine - Tea cup 2 cyan. (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Teacup2 - Myrrine - Tea cup 1 cyan. (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Sugarpot - Myrrine - Sugar pot cyan. (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Teapot - Myrrine - Tea pot cyan. (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Sweets Tray - Myrrine - Delicatessen plate cyan.(Candy Fair Exclusive)
Macaron Plate - Myrrine - Plate with macarons cyan.(Candy Fair Exclusive)
Kite Mouse - Tentacio - kite mouse RARE (Candy Fair Exclusive Gacha)
Sweets Mouse - Tentacio - mouse loves sweets RARE (Candy Fair Exclusive Gacha)
Card1 - Buttery Toast - Angel Toast Trading Card Rare (Candy Fair Exclusive Gacha)
Card2 - Buttery Toast - Zombie Toast Trading Card Rare (Candy Fair Exclusive Gacha)
Card Fans - Buttery Toast - Multiple Commons from the Gacha (Candy Fair Exclusive Gacha)

Shirt - yumyums - {Grape} Frosting Crop Top (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Skirt - Tentacio - cotton candy skirt lila (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Hair - Taketomi - Kokoa Fatpack (Gacha)
Shoes - Tentacio - Bubble Gum Heels Lila (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Necklace - Kawaii - Chocolate Necklace White/Pink (Candy Fair Exclusive Gacha)
Headband - Buttery Toast - Sweet Tooth Headband Lollypop
Sheep - Axix - Sugar Cotton Sheep Blue RARE (Candy Fair Exclusive Gacha)
Jellybeans - Plethora - Candy Stun Halo Jelly Beans (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Thought Bubble - Plethora - Sweet Idea Soda (Candy Fair Exlcusive)
Mushroom - Axix - Sugar Sweet Mushroom Purple (Candy Fair Exclusive Gacha)
Trading Card Album - Buttery Toast - Trading Card Album Full (Candy Fair Exclusive Gacha)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Rockin' Sugar Style!

AMG So much going on!!!! This post and probably the next one this week will be delving into my greatest weakness D: NOMS! I was so happy to be accepted into a Blogger Group recently and have the privilege by some amazing creators to blog some of their goods. I'll have more coming up but for the love of all that is cute GO TO THIS EVENT GET THE EXCLUSIVES BEFORE THEY ARE GONE! T^T I'm going to save a lot of babble this time and hopefully let the pictures do the talking for me. Sometimes.. there are no words to express the glory that is cute and noms...

Cupcake Chair1 - Axix - CupcakeChair Strawberry [Cream] (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Cupcake Chair2 - Axix - CupcakeChair Strawberry [Choco] (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Rug - Lost Junction - Sweet Welcome Hello Candy Rug GIFT (Candy Fair Exclusive Dollarbie)
Mailbox - Lost Junction - Sweet Welcome Mailbox Lollipop (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Windchimes - Lost Junction - Sweet Welcome Windchime Lollipop (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Clouds - Cloud Rainbow Decor (Candy Fair Exclusive Gacha)
Table - Lucky Charlotte Camille/Lucky CC - Rainbow Table (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Candy Jar1 - Lucky Charlotte Camille/Lucky CC - Candy Jar Red Oranges (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Candy Jar2 - Lucky Charlotte Camille/Lucky CC - Candy Jar  Green to Violet (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Cake - Lucky Charlotte Camille/Lucky CC - Rainbow Cake (Candy Fair Exclusive Gacha)
Cupcakes - Lucky Charlotte Camille/Lucky CC - Rainbow Cupcakes (Candy Fair Exclusive Gacha)
Donuts - Lucky Charlotte Camille/Lucky CC - Rainbow Donuts (Candy Fair Exclusive Gacha)
Lollipops1 - Lucky Charlotte Camille/Lucky CC - Heart Rainbow Candy (Candy Fair Exclusive Gacha)
Lollipops2 - Lucky Charlotte Camille/Lucky CC - Unicorn Rainbow Candy (Candy Fair Exclusive Gacha)

Shirt - Moon Amore - Simple Shirt Kuki (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Overalls - Moon Amore - Kuki Romper (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Hair - LCKY - Zammie//nonrigged (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Shoes - Lassitude & Ennui - Spin spin sugar pumps pink/white (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Glasses - Cubic Cherry Kreations - {Chobii~ pink} glasses RARE (Candy Fair Exclusive Gacha)
Guitar1 - yumyums - {Everything Nice} Sweet Tunes Guitar (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Guitar2 - yumyums - {Everything Nice} Sweet Tunes Guitar (Strapped) (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Cellphone - RazzBerry Inc. - AlpaCandy Celly (Pink) (Candy Fair Exclusive Gacha)
Dango - Plethora - Mochi Dango Classic (Candy Fair Exclusive)
Stockings - Katat0nik - (pink/white) Lil' Dolly Striped Stockings ADU (Discontinued?)
Choker - Blah - (My Donut Choker) Strawberry (Candy Fair Exclusive Gacha)
Bracelet - Sweet Thing - Strawberry Chocolate Charm Bracelet

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Shy Little Witch

So there's more events coming up, and I'm so excited to be able to talk about them all! And it's finally October so it's pretty much all month long Halloween, as far as SL is concerned. ^ ^  Today's look is touching upon it with a shy little witch look. I really liked those latest chokers from yumyums, so I thought it went well here. Also RMK has a Halloween event that you can find many goodies and some special released items from Pantsu*Hunter, they go great together with the color scheme! Also I liked a chance to use Cubic Cherry's wand from their gacha at The Gathering event, and the little minion from the Level Up event. I should have probably gone a traditional Chun Li or Chinese look to match LCKY's latest hairstyle but I think you can wear cute buns with any look or occasion! Hope you like the look. ^ ^

Outfit - Pantsu*Hunter - little witch dress (RMK Gothic Halloween Market)
Hair - LCKY - Sera
Ear Accessory - Pantsu*Hunter - feline familiar -RMK limited color- (RMK Gothic Halloween Market)
Staff - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {Tangled~ yami} staff (The Gathering Event - Gacha)
Minion - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {infected Sumomo~black} RARE (Level Up Event - Gacha)
Choker - yumyums - Birthstone Choker {Onyx}
Socks - Edelweiss - School-Line Loose Socks
Shoes - Edelweiss - School Loafer Black

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Garden Warfare!

Unfortunately been having some RL troubles lately, so been hold up on many things. ^ ^; But that doesn't mean there's not some really fun events going on - like Level Up (oh man the survival horror theme hit me right in the heart with happiness!), Kustom 9, Gacha Mania, and just so much. I'm so excited for October coming up and all the fun Halloween things too! Not going to speak too much and let the pics do it for me. Hope you enjoy the looks and remember to check out all the great creators at the events. ^ ^

Top - MotiAme - Sailor Sweater Cream (Kustom 9 Event)
Skirt - MotiAme - Flared Skirt Black (Kustom 9 Event)
Hair - LCKY - Jessica
Scarf - TOMGA - Muffler Gray (Gacha)
Glasses - BareRose - Toy Shop Girl Glasses
Shoes/Socks - Paradisis - My Warmers

Yard Critters
{Zomberry army} Brunilda .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. (Level Up Event)
{Zomberry army} Bob .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. (Level Up Event)
{Zomberry army} Charlotte .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. (Level Up Event)
{Zomberry army} Killian .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. (Level Up Event)
[MotiAme] Garden Robo White (Gacha Mania Event)
[MotiAme] Succulent Jar Lavender (Gacha Mania Event)
[MotiAme] Succulent Jar Green (Gacha Mania Event)
[MotiAme] Garden Robo Black (Gacha Mania Event)
[MotiAme] Watering Can (Gacha Mania Event)
[MotiAme] Succulent Jar White (Gacha Mania Event)
[MotiAme] Succulent Jar Blue (Gacha Mania Event)
[MotiAme] Garden Wagon (Gacha Mania Event)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Classy Pirate Maiden

So unfortunately had some complications to keep my blog post tied up for awhile. T^T So tonight there's a Pirate event at BareRose at 8pm slt at their beach, there's a poster with info at their mainstore. Like always the outfit I'm wearing (not accessories) are available for free for attendees who go. ^ ^ The latest LCKY hair is available at N-21 event, comes rigged or nonrigged. C.C Kreations has some neat horns available at the Fantasy Room event with multiple colors available. And make sure to check out the Thrift Shop for Pantsu*Hunter's latest bow, which I thought went really well with this outfit. I really struggled with shoes for this one though and had to hit up Marketplace and luckily found a nice dollarbie. Hope to see you at the event and like the look. ^ ^

Outfit - BareRose - Kaizocute EGL Gift Version (Free for Attendees at the BareRose Event)
Hair - LCKY - Erika (N-21 Event)
Horns - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {Tangled~ coal} horns (Fantasy Room Event)
Bow - Pantsu*Hunter - Michele Bow .black. (Thrift Shop Event)
Boots - Meli Imako - Black Pleaser Boots (Dollarbie)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Paint It Up!

Had some RL complications come up, so sorry for the latest-ish post. I took a lot of inspiration for this piece from TOMGA's latest paint gacha release that you can find at their store. ^  ^ Hopefully this time I did a better job at blogging Yumyum's tail, hehe I had fun doing the back pose in a different light this way even! The choker from C.C Kreations can be found at the Kings and Queens Fair/Event. The hair is so cute and one of the newest releases from LCKY too. Altair has a cute lil bunny hair accessories, make sure to check them out too. The other things are your basic releases at various other stores, but hope you like the look. ^  ^

Outfit w/Buttons - BareRose - Off Right Overall
Hair - LCKY - Kitten
Tail - yumyums - Curious Kitty Tail {Snowball} (One Word Event)
Collar - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - King~ black-s (Kings & Queens Event)
Pallet - TOMGA - Pink pallet (Gacha)
Face Brush - TOMGA - vintage art brush white (Gacha)
Head Bucket - TOMGA - paint Bucket RARE (Gacha)
Hair Clip - ALTAIR* - bun bunny clip .black.
Shoes - Edelweiss - School Loafer Black
Tattoo - H*P - BodyPaint01*Fancy*Rainbow (Not Available)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dream On Princess

Woo~ So happily the 9th Anniversary of BareRose is over, if you have a chance make sure to check out some of the goodies before they're gone! So it's a new month and as such, so many events have popped up! The kitty tail I'm wearing, which I'm so sorry you can't see the really well animatedness of it through pics, is from yumyums at the One Word event. They also have some nice birthstone chokers out at the We Heart Roleplay event too. I loved the latest releases from Pantsu*Hunter which just blend so well together~ They made this adorable little Yui dress which comes in multiple colors, but I adore their blues. *heart* ^ ^ The little gem choker, with color change options. Anddddd~ This lovely crown! *3* I love how they have the color change HUD so I could make it match too, the crown is an exclusive for the Fit For a Princess event going on right now. While the scepter goes good, it actually is made by Amai and is available in multiple colors with particle effects at the Kings & Queens Fair. The lovely hairstyle I'm wearing is the latest release from LCKY, I really ended up loving it a lot more than I was planning on! Hope you like my look, it was inspired by a princess with big dreams. ^ ^ Thanks for the support.

Dress - Pantsu*Hunter - yui dress .blue.
Hair - LCKY - Lucy
Shoes - BareRose - White XoXo
Choker 1 - Pantsu*Hunter - little gem collar
Choker 2 - yumyums - Birthstone Choker Diamond (We Heart RP Event)
Tail - yumyums - Curious Kitty Tail {Snowball} (One Word Event)
Scepter - Amai - Decoden Scepter. Gold Blueberry (Kings & Queens Fair)
Crown - Pantsu*Hunter - peach crown (Fit for a Princess Event)

Monday, August 25, 2014

BareRose 9th Anniversary!

So the main thing I'll be blabbing about is BareRose's 9th Anniversary is coming up this weekend. There's going to be upcoming hunts, multiple events, performances, fashion shows, etc. The outfit I'm wearing is going to be the gift at the Wonderland event going on, on Friday the 29th at 8pm SLT (event location tba). There will also be two additional secret gifts for attendees this time around too. ^ ^ This adorbs hair I'm sporting is the latest release from LCKY, make sure to check it out!

Outfit - BareRose - Mirukee EGL Gift (Free at the Event)
Hair - LCKY - Drippy

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Strawberry Fields Decora

So, normally I don't really delve into the Decora style though it can be downright cute! It's just so many accessories can feel like an overload to me. ^ ^ Some things that are note worthy are the new LCKY kitty gacha hats, the hairband is also a gacha item from Amai. C.C. Kreations has multiple colors of the facebands at District 5 (not sure how much longer that event is lasting!) and Pantsu*Hunter put out some adorbs new stockings, which go really well with their milkshake dress too! Plus I finally had a perfect fit for Tomga's boombox! Hope you all like the look. ^ ^

Outfit & Most Accessories - BareRose - Decora Chan
Hair - Utilizator - Hood Hair B tintable
Hat - LCKY - Cat Hat // Candy (Gacha)
Stockings - Pantsu*Hunter - Milkshake Stockings Pink Choco
Shoes - Sweet Thing - Lovely Creepers White
Hairpin - Amai -Chocolate Bat Hairpin. Choco. Inusweets RARE (Gacha)
Face Band - C.C Kreations - {Rebel~ sand} faceband (District 5)
Boombox - TOMGA - relax boombox pink

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Buying For Back to School.

So it's been that time of year with things going back to school. And the nice casual release from MotiAme at Kustom 9 made me wish I had those sort of clothes to wear when I was in school. ;3; I also fell in love with the binders that yumyums has available at District 5 too! Also the bone sweet nom from Amai is more meant as a cute accessory, but I couldn't resist to put it in my mouth and nom on it. Hehe. ^ ^ Hope you like the look.

Hair - Chemistry - Bubbles (Modded)
Hair Clips - Love Soul - Hair Accessory Stars Milky
Socks/Shoes - Paradisis - My Warmers
Bone Nom - Amai - Bone Decora Sprinkles Vanilla (Gacha Mania)

Dress - MotiAme - Floral Mini Dress Red (Kustom 9)
Jacket - MotiAme - Tied Denim Shirt Blue (Kustom 9)
Bag - yumyums - Calm Yo-self Bag [Right Hold I] {Summer} (District 5)
Binder - yumyums - Closed School Binder {B&E} (District 5)
Dress - MotiAme - Floral Mini Dress Yellow (Kustom 9)
Jacket - MotiAme - Tied Denim Shirt Black (Kustom 9)
Bag - yumyums - Calm Yo-self Bag [Right Hold I] {Spring} (District 5)
Binder - yumyums - Closed School Binder {Exploding Rainbow} (District 5)

Dress - MotiAme - Floral Mini Dress Red (Kustom 9)
Jacket - MotiAme - Floral Mini Dress White (Kustom 9)
Bag - yumyums -  Calm Yo-self Bag [Right Hold I] {Blossom} (District 5)
Binder - yumyums - Open School Binder {Stars} (District 5)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Breaking Noir

So I was going to go for a whole 'noir' theme but I did one of those weird takes on it with some bits having color while the majority still doesn't. I didn't do as well as I wanted but still works! New releases in this picture are from C.C Kreations and their hair accessories from Kagami, LCKY's release at the District 5 event hair, as well as BareRose's lola compatable version of the GL Kimono Mesh version. TOMGA has also had the plain out for a bit but I was struggling where to fit it in, so I felt happy placing it here. Make sure to check out the great releases from these creators and hope you like the look. ^ ^

 P.S. - Some side notes from Mokyu releases and others modding releases, I've changed my head's look up a bit. If you have the Mokyu head, don't forget to update!

Outfit/Shoes - BareRose - GL Yukata ME-L
Hair - LCKY - Andi (District 5 Event)
Hair Accessory 1 - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {Yoru~butterfly} hairclip (Kagami Event)
Hair Accessory 2 - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {Yoru~flowers} hairclip (Kagami Event)
Paper Plane - TOMGA - white Paper Airplane
Eyes - POMF - Mokyu Hina Star Gazing Eyes Blue
Fangs - Mokyu - HINA-Applier-Kmono-Fang (comes with the kemono head mod)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Prized Possession Princess..

I don't know why but I get just weird ideas when I see new releases or random stuff I have. XD; This time was a slave princess that was locked up and caged, not really touched but just owned. You can't tell from the picture but the horns are really an amazing new release from Amai, the chains swing to and fro on them and just really well done! This lacey little dress is a new release from Pantsu*Hunter, it comes in multiple colors but I liked the white for the theme of this picture. Obviously I'm still stuck on the C.C. Kreations heels too. ^ ^ Hope you all enjoy it.

Dress - Pantsu*Hunter - cotton candy .white.
Horns - Amai - Snarkprincess Horns. Vanilla (Candy Shop Event)
Rose Cage - Forest Feast - Cage of Rose White
Shoes - C.C Kreations - Papilio White Pumps Slink H
Crown - Tentacio - crown black (Gacha at Chapter 4)
Necklace - Nomine - Disturbia chain collar (Not Available)
Hair - Elikatira - Thrive *Modded* (Not Available)

Friday, August 1, 2014

Captain FluttahHeart Pirate

Ok so this one is a little weird, I apologize. But the Fuubutsu Dou release for the Kagami event (that starts today!)  with the skulls made me kinda relate it to pirate-y type things, so I took a weird twist with a pirate having a pirate tea set... and open seat for her next victim~ But then I went a typical kinda derpy route and look how I always do. XD; So I guess my original intention botched up since I'm so weird. The hairstyle I thought went great for a pirate look though, it's from LCKY for the Femboy Hunt 5 (That starts today as well!) it's also only L$2 for this hairstyle so it's a real bargain, especially with all the piratey releases coming  up, don't forget to pick it up! The majority of this outfit is available in a amazing gacha yumyums is putting out at the Fantasy Gacha Fair (starts today too wow!) Ooops, almost forgot another cool hunt item was the face strap I'm sporting is part of a L$5 Blues Hunt that C.C Kreations is in (do I even need to mention that starts today as well!?). Hope you all like the looks and remember, I'd probably make one of the worse pirates ever~

Dress - yumyums. - Miss Captain Heart Dress {FITmesh} RARE (Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Hair - LCKY - Hebiko (Femboy 5 Hunt)
Faceband - C.C. Kreations - {The Void} face band (The Blues Hunt)
Shoes - yumyums - Miss Captain Heart Bootie SLink High {Red} (Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Hat - yumyums - Miss Captain Heart Hat {Red} (Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Eyepatch - yumyums - Miss Captin Heart Patch - Right Eye {Red} (Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Teacase - Fuubutsu Dou - TeaCase (Kagami Event)
Bonseki Set - Fuubutsu Dou - Bonseki Set (Kagami Event)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Metallic but Soft!

Wheee, so another BareRose event is coming up this Friday. It'll be a kinda electronic event so June made a unique outfit for the gift for attendees, it's at 8pm SLT at the BareRose Forcing House in White Wolf (there's a LM and notecard at the store entrance). Also make sure to check out Project Limited, it just updated to Round 2 so some new stuff has been added, LCKY put out this adorable Ophie hair at it. For Project Limited the hairstyles have special color packs but the normal versions will be released later on. Hope to see you all at the events and that you liked the post. I'm almost at 14,000 views on the blog so thank you all so much. ^ ^

Outfit - BareRose - Electric Sheep for EGL Event (Free at Event)
Hair - LCKY - Ophie (Coming Soon, Special Colors at Project Limited)
Plushie - MotiAme - Unhappy Plushie Chocolate RARE (Dreamers Factory Gacha)
Plushie 2 - MotiAme - Unhappy Plushie Panda (Dreamers Factory Gacha)
Shoes - C.C Kreations - Papilio White Pumps Slink H (TGGS)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Garden Rendezvous

So wow, lots of really nice events going on still. I feel like it's the first and fifteenth of every month that so much stuff comes and I'm never ready for it! ...neither is my wallet... eh.. Anyway! A lot of very springy pretty things have come out so I decided to smoosh them together in one cute look. I think I got a little carried away with the laying down pose and it looks a tad awkward XD; Also I want to mention I do not own slink feet and kinda get annoyed with the monopoly and how almost all shoes are made for them (probably not good of me as a blogger to say but, oh well, my blog my opinion). If you're a furry or someone who has mod feet, it may be tough but you can make feet work in shoes made for slink. I made official LCKY blogger status too, so I thought I'd do a mini celebration to show off one of their older hairs that I still love. ^ ^ Don't forget to check out the Kustom9 event with MotiAme's latest clothes (so many color options to choose from @ @), C.C. Kreations at TGGS Anniversary (there's even a hunt gift there too!), and yumyums pretty flowery headband gacha at Secret Affair. Hope you like it. ^ ^

Hair - LCKY - Daisy
Shirt - MotiAme - Off Shoulder Shirt Cream (Kustom 9)
Skirt - MotiAme - Bow Flare Skirt Floral 1 (Kustom 9)
Shoes - C.C Kreations - Papilio Yellow Pumps Slink H (TGGS)
Headband - yumyums - Floral Fauna Headband {Greedy} RARE (Gacha) (Secret Affair)

Shirt - MotiAme - Off Shoulder Shirt Pink (Kustom 9)
Skirt - MotiAme - Bow Flare Skirt Pink (Kustom 9)
Shoes - C.C Kreations - Papilio Pink Pumps Slink H (TGGS)
Headband - yumyums - Floral Fauna Princess Crown {Greedy} ULTRA RARE  (Gacha) (Secret Affair)

Shirt - MotiAme - Off Shoulder Shirt White (Kustom 9)
Skirt - MotiAme - Bow Flare Skirt Border (Kustom 9)
Shoes - C.C Kreations - Papilio White Pumps Slink H (TGGS)
Headband - yumyums - Floral Fauna Princess Crown {Greedy} ULTRA RARE  (Gacha) (Secret Affair)

Shirt - MotiAme - Off Shoulder Shirt Black (Kustom 9)
Skirt - MotiAme - Bow Flare Skirt Border (Kustom 9)
Headband - yumyums - Floral Fauna Headband {Greedy} RARE (Gacha) (Secret Affair)

Monday, July 14, 2014

So Much To Do In Summer!

This month has been pretty awesome for some events coming up. A lot are happening today/tomorrow (depending where you are!). I really really love this new dress that yumyums is going to be releasing at the Secret Affair Event. I had fun choosing different colors and even mixing and matching to get it to go with my cute watermelon plushie from C.C. Kreations - which will be at the Gacha Mania event. The light green/blue color on the far right was my favorite because wearing it with starry/moon accessories just scream Rosalina from Mario Galaxy, and I just found that just beyond lovely. I also had a good time playing around with TOMGA's new camera thing, it has multiple poses involving gestures and stuff too but it was a fun item. ^ ^ People can also see how sad I am to play gachas to get some of the other things in here orz. Hope you all like this. ^ ^

P.S. - T^T If anyone's selling the KittenCone 1 Rare from Atomic's gacha lemme know, so desperate to get it but too unlucky to keep playing.

Outfit - yumyums - Summertime Sun Dress {Greedy} (Secret Affair Event)
Hair - Wasabi Pills - Sachiko Mesh Hair
Shoes - Sweet Thing - Lovely Creepers White
Stockings - Utilizator - Mesh Av 2.0 Stockings
Stockings Mod - CandyCutie - Milkyway Stockings Mod
Watermelon Plush - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Kawaii watermelon~ 02 (Gacha Mania)
Necklace - Quirky - Twinkle Necklace Yellow/Silver
Bag - Atomic - Kawaii Moon Shoulder Bag Yellow RARE (OMG Gacha Event)
Camera - TOMGA - Camera
Ice Cream - Atomic - Kawaii Noms Summer Treats  KittenCone 2 RARE (Seasons Story)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cozy Downtime

So this time I really kinda have been trying to think 'what goes well with this' and sometimes it's tough. Like recently Apricot Paws released some really nice fitted mesh cargo pants (they're tintable but I liked them white for this pic!) and they can even be taken as shorts too; I LOVE how versatile their clothes can be. ^ ^ Unfortunately the pants look a lil weird cause my shape is a lil weird, I don't go for a normal shape like others. XD Speaking of kinda weird stuff, TOMGA has put out some cute little accessories that I loved playing with! Any nom things cannot be resisted and the phone thing has a cute pose with it and if you left click you act like you take a selfy with noises and all~ Just a heads up 11th there's the Pier Market event that you can find this very nice bracelet yumyum available as well (in different colors but I love her silvers). Hope you all enjoy the look. ^ ^

Shirt - Epic - Mesh Cute-Tee Kawaii.00.Rainbow.Pastel
Pants - Apricot Paws - Striped Cargo Pants Shorts and Digi Legs
Hair - Wasabi Pills - Brigitte
Braclet - yumyums - Sailors Token Steel Anchor (Pier Market Event)
Necklace - Quirky - Twinkle Necklace Yellow/Silver
Phone - TOMGA - Phone camera
Icepop - TOMGA - Freeze pops bluesoda
Tattoo - ~momo~ - CupcakeHeaven tattoo (Not Available)

Friday, July 4, 2014

Berry Showers

So still so many gacha and events going on. MotiAme is also at this OneWord event with a wonderland theme (love love love wonderland stuffs!) and also just having fun playing gacha and what not out there. ^ ^ Not too much to say now but I hope everyone is enjoying things out there, my posts, the great stuff being released, and have a Happy 4th of July!

Hair - Rosy Mood - Swirly
Shoes - Sweet Thing - Lovely Creepers White (Tinted)

Outfit - Pantsu*Hunter - Strawberry Milkshake Pink
Necklace - yumyums - Plastik Candy {Perfectly Pink} RARE (OMG Gacha)
Hairbow - Pantsu*Hunter - Sugar Veil Bow Pink (Gacha)
Bunny Friend - MotiAme - Umbrella Bunny Pink (Oneword Event Gacha)

Outfit - Pantsu*Hunter - Strawberry Milkshake Lilac
Necklace - yumyums - Plastik Candy {Purple Bow} (OMG Gacha)
Hairbow & Braclet - Pantsu*Hunter - Sugar Veil Bow Purple (Gacha)
Bunny Friend - MotiAme - Umbrella Bunny Lavender (Oneword Event Gacha)

Outfit - Pantsu*Hunter - Strawberry Milkshake Sky
Hairbow - Pantsu*Hunter - Sugar Veil Bow Blue (Gacha)
Bunny Friend - MotiAme - Umbrella Bunny Frost (Oneword Event Gacha)

Outfit - Pantsu*Hunter - Strawberry Milkshake Snow
Necklace - yumyums - Plastik Candy {Vanilla Cupcake} (OMG Gacha)
Hairbow - Pantsu*Hunter - Sugar Veil Bow Pink (Gacha)
Heart Effects - Mokyu - Hina Emotor HUD

Monday, June 30, 2014

Sleepy Dream Princess

I know there's so many events coming up and somehow it just came together in this weird little
idea I had, I called it the Sleepy Dream Princess. Basically just a magical princess in the sky
who watches over earth and their dreams, protecting them and sending sweet ones. ^ ^ She also has
a cute little kitty friend so she's not lonely up there by herself. ANYWAY! Some really cool
events are finishing up like the Tales of Fantasy event that the blindfold is from; so make sure
to check that out soon. I'm also jumping out of my seat for excitement for the upcoming OMG Gacha
Fair and Manga Fair, the items I've seen and even the ones I'm wearing are just too adorbs for
words!!! But those events unfortunately don't start until the 1st so I'm left waiting T^T Unyuu...
anyway, hope you like the looks remember to support some great creators. ^ ^

Outfit - Edelweiss - Irie 2.0 ( Event)
Hair - Elikatira -  Studio (Not Available)
Globe - TOMGA - stratty night Bottle
Bracelet - yumyums - pearl-heart-star}Way Girlie Bracelet C.Candy (Gacha)
Kitty - Amai - Chubby Neko. WalkMe Inusweets (Manga Fair Event)
Blindfold - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Thanatos~ day blindfold RARE (Tales of Fantasy Event Gacha)
Crown - Amai - De-lighted Crown. Inusweets [Static] (Manga Fair Event)
Backpack - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Moon~ pink bag (Manga Fair Event)
Necklace - yumyums - Plastik Candy {Yumyummy} ULTRA RARE (OMG Gacha Event)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Indoors but Ahoy!

I so love the little sailor looks, just so cuteee~ But yeah MotiAme put out some cute sailor themed outfits for Kustom 9 event (it goes on until July 10th). So make sure to check them out. I wasn't huge on accessories this time because I just love how simple looks can still be so adorable and pretty. ^ ^ Oh! And also I haven't really talked much about my new anime head. I think unlike 90% of the used heads, I went with the new Mokyu one instead of the Utilizator M3. Mostly because I loved how easy it was to work with for modding and applying the mod texture on, and it gives a lot more expressions to work with. Hopefully you guys like my updates and thank you for all the support. ^ ^

Hair - Rosy Mood - Lyra 2
Shoes/Socks - PARADISIS - My Warmers
Face Charms - Little Glass Wish - Starry Anime Face Charms
Ear Charms - Little Glass Wish - Starry Charms Earrings (Not Available Yet)

Glasses - BareRose - Toy Shop Girl Glasses
Shirt - MotiAme - Sailor Shirt Navy (Kustom 9)
Skirt - MotiAme - High Waisted Skirt Navy (Kustom 9)

Shirt - MotiAme - Sailor Shirt Black Border (Kustom 9)
Skirt - MotiAme - High Waisted Skirt Black (Kustom 9)

Shirt - MotiAme - Sailor Shirt Red Border(Kustom 9)
Skirt - MotiAme - High Waisted Skirt White (Kustom 9)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sugar Rush!

So wow there's the huge Level Up event going on with a Racing theme to it! I had a lot of stuff to go over and ended up building a little racing area and getting some help since I can't drive three cars at once. XD When I was doing this all that came to mind was Sugar Rush from Wreck it Ralph, I wish people made Veneloppe cosplay so I could've gone all out for it.. but alas... Also next coming week is the BareRose event. Next Friday is a Sailor Outfit Summery Event, the outfit I'm wearing will be free to attendees. It's at 8pm SLT. ^ ^ Hope you like the looks!

On Serenity
Car - yumyums - Racing Calories Grape (Level Up Event)
Outfit - BareRose - Sailor Bikini Red (Event Gift)
Goggles - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Roo~ red aviator hat (Level Up Event)
Hair - Rosy Mood - Honey Dipper
Anime Head - Mokyu - Anime Head_HINA_Ver1.0 (Modded)

On Suguto
Car - yumyums - Racing Calories Strawberry (Level Up Event)
Outfit/Socks/Shoes - 109prims - Sailor Uniform
Ears - Zero Style - Nekomimi ears
Hair - Zero Style - Ichika Hair
Tail - Jerboa - Tail
Anime Head - Utilizator - M3 Head

On Hina
Car - Fuubutsu Dou - LBP-Mesh Racer-Cardboard (Level Up Event)
Bikini - Utilizator - Bikini for 2.0
Hair - LCKY - Alex Hair
Sarong - R3 - Kate Sarong
Shirt - Airflow - Tied shirt mesh
Anime Head - Utilizator - M3 Head

Cherry Racers - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Cherry Race~ (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Banner - Fuubutsu Dou - Start Banner (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Fence - Fuubutsu Dou - MESH Popsicle Fence (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Gumdrops - Fuubutsu Dou - GumDrop Big (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Gumdrops2 - Fuubutsu Dou - GumDrop Small (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Ramp - Fuubutsu Dou - Mesh Wood Block Ramp (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Trees - Fuubutsu Dou - Mesh Tree (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Bubbles - Fuubutsu Dou - Sculpt Bubbles (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Wands/Hoops - Fuubutsu Dou - Blue BubbleWand (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Wands/Hoops - Fuubutsu Dou - Pink BubbleWand (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Popcorn Tunnel - Fuubutsu Dou - MESH Popcorn Box RARE (Gacha) (Level Up Event)