Tuesday, August 11, 2009

She's mad...that one is...

Ok so I wanted to blog this look because it makes me feel awesome! As some may know I'm a huge Alice in Wonderland (especially twisted) fan. So I bolted to the Limited Edition bloody Alice at Katat0nik's (I hope I can save up for the normal version in time!!) and got it. So with my new short hair (It's called Mary) that I love from Zero Style, combined with the bloody happy kitty I got for sale by the Miniascape Horror Hunt, and BareRose's Medical Eyepatch. I feel just darn bloody pretty. >3

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dragon Eggies?

So my friend Ruby got me into these dragon eggy things so I figured I'd post it for here now. XD

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

FluttahBot 002

Mark 002 Fluttah Bot Complete and fresh off the assembly line! So I was messing around with an old freebie from Primal Groove which was a dollarbie cyber eye set for a limited time or something? It may even still be there and their stuff was fairly priced. So after messing around with that and made an eye that fit into my head pretty well.

Then I was like, yanno I dun think I've tried a cool cyberish av. So I started rummaging through my inventory and most of what I had and most of my cyber related outfits were naturally BareRose. So I ended up combing their Cy-Tennyo, Simple Cyber Arm, and AlmiGirl outfits. The main outfit is the Cy-Tennyo, the arm and leg pieces at Simple Cyber Arm, and wings are from the AlmiGirl outfit. Overall cost is 315L$, which is kinda expensive but yer getting 3 outfits outta that technically which isn't bad. ^^ Time to kiss the Cyber Kitty Butt byes for now!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Groups do the Math (Sorry Group Rant)

Okay so that didn't make much sense, it was a take on 'you do the math'. Pretty much my little ramble about how crazy groups have been!

Currently I work 3 jobs in SL about, that takes up more room than I'd like but I'm not complaining about my jobs because I'm really lucky. But let's do some math shall we? 5 BareRose groups + 3 for Edelweiss + 1 for Eolande's. That's 9 right there.

Now we have the groups that either A. cost L$ to join (and who would leave a group you paid to get into just to try and join and pay again. That's just silly) or B. closed enrollment due to one reason or another. After I add that up, it adds up to 10. (5 that cost to join and 5 that are closed enrollment)

So where does that leave us now..oh yes, the groups I own. I own 2 (LKC and Winged Furries) now if I could convince myself into it, I could delete Winged Furries but never LKC because it's my personal hobby and friends I love. :3

So after we do all the math that adds up to 21 groups. Therefore leaving me with 4 groups I may be able to juggle. Now I know a lot of people close enrollment to groups because of group gifts, etc., etc....but...

Seriously if you're a store owner and can afford to have a suscribe-o-matic, hippos, etc. things that don't take up group room then why the heck aren't you doing it? Most groups for stores do not require you to be in their group to rez things (BareRose VIP is an exception because they offer their customers a group leased sandbox!), I really hope people wisen up soon because I love supporting a lot of stores. I'm interested in your new releases and I love getting a gift from your store after supporting it.

Will anyone read this or give a damn? Most likely not but I just hope some people wake up and realize going psycho over group gifts or that only the 'real' customers have room for your group is bull. Thanks for dealin with the rant. XD Next post will be about CSR. ^^

Monday, June 29, 2009

Edelweiss School Blazer Photo Contest

My good friend Moeka-Chan is having a photo contest that seems pretty cute, I thought I would share and pass on. You can get the notecard application from the poster at her store Edelweiss or you can just ask me and I'll pass it on. Goodluck!

[[Application Condition]]
- Please take the photo with multiple people. (2 or more is acceptable)
- All the members wearing a School blazer of *Edelweiss* (There are male and female versions available for purchase - Edelweiss Shop Location is http://slurl.com/secondlife/Mont%20Saint%20Michel/131/63/23 )

[[Photo Theme]]
"School Trip"

[[Application Method]]
Please upload texture of 1024 x 1024 size.
Please send it to Moeka Kohime after filling out the following form.

July 18, 2009 8:00 [SLT]

- You can modify image with outside image processing programs (ex. Photoshop)
- You may enter more than once, but you need 1 application per 1 entry.
- The entry will be used in an exhibition, on display.
- Please test your picture on a prim. List the size it is meant to be displayed upon (ex. 256 x 512)

[[Result announcement]]
July 25, 2009 5:00
Mont Saint Michel SIM - Specially installed meeting place

Also if you list a friend who blogs this contest they can win too, so sweet. ^^

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Graduation Day!

Who says I'm not really a furry? XP Pah on them! I graduated today so here's some RL pics~!

Nommin da diploma will give me smurtz! :B Teehee

Nya! It's over!!! *Happy Dance*

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Overall Matter On The Farm Is...

So, as promised - an update! And what better to post about than the new release of the Off Right Overall from BareRose and the upcoming farm hunt/quest at Sanu's than a post about some Overalls! The ones in this post are all from BareRose but may not nessarily be remembered so well.

First stop during the day is always taking care of the cows! What better set up than at the Scribble sim to be! First milking the cows at Sanu's in my Take It Off outfit from BareRose. But after the milking my job ain't done yet!

I need to head over to Scribble's shop and drop it off at their local cafe!

Now the really cool thing that I LOVE about about this cafe is that, while the menu really helps the ambiance of the area. You can really purchase goodies from it! The range is from about L$1-L$5 or so depending what you go after. And there's no better wear than black and white near Scribble's shop - thus why I chose to wear the Paw Overall from BareRose when dropping off my delivery.

Oh DARN MOLES! DX And me without a mallet with what to whackerize them! As I mentioned before this is the Off Right Overall from BareRose. It comes with a variety of colors with or without decorations.

Sorry about the zoom in on my butt and crotch but I couldn't help but show off the detail that goes into the decorated version of this outfit! I really love the paw on the butt. :B

But when all is said and done over at Sanu's, it's time to take a break and go chill with one of my best friend - Bewkz! Oh...no...I hope she doesn't plan to start her own farm with that lil Ox....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reaction to Reaction

This is a rant because meh I feel like it after what I had to go through. Now I've been cleaning inventory and actually got to the Reaction gifts from X-Mas of last year. So I'm unpacking this one box and find a notecard reading

"Ok Reaction fans, you've been getting your gifts a litttttle to easy. Today, we're gonna play a little game. Pass the Parcel.
The idea is to keep unpacking the boxes until you get to the last gift.. not telling you what the last gift is, because that'll ruin the surprise, though I do hope you all enjoy it.
To keep unpacking... 1. Rez the first gift box onto the floor.2. Right click the gift box, and click "Open"3. Click "Copy to inventory".You should now have a new folder in your inventory, with the new giftbox. Repeat the process with each new giftbox.
Please be sure to pick up or delete the previous gift boxes' after you've rezzed the other due to prim limits.
Those who make it to the final gift, please don't spoil it for others, just enjoy it.
Have a Merry Christmas, and don't forget to come back tomorrow for your next daily gift."

So I start unpacking...I liked Reaction. Key word LIKED there folks. But 26 empty boxs later I get to another notecard at the end saying:

Merry Christmas, you finally found the final gift box!
You were a little late though... Reaction's evil little elfs stole your pressie... better luck tomorrow.
Cheers, Everyone from Reaction. :)

Now I'm not a marketing major. I major in accounting/business but WTF. Do you REALLY truely and honestly think that schemes like that is going to win you customers? If you do, wow...you need some mental help.

Sorry for the rant but if I had found the time to unpack this around XMas. I'd be like 10x more pissed off about the whole ordeal. Don't complain about free stuff? Pfft. Try dealing with schemes like this here and there while yer just doing things for fun and see how you feel when people go overboard.

(I so promise next post will be something cute and nice and with pics)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hunting Second Life

So, I was off reading about the post on Metaversally Speaks [ you can find it here and honestly it's a good post - http://www.metaversallyspeaking.com/articles/ssssssh-im-hunting-wabbits ]. So I was reading that and really enjoyed it for the most part because, lets face it when someones opinion agrees with ours we usually feel a lil more better about things in general.

Now, just a warning that this is gonna be a long ramble so strap yourselves in and nab a hot coca if you feel up for reading this. ^^

To start, hunts. God I cannot tell you how much I loved hunts! I remember back like in 06 or so there was this amazing one at this Furry Forest place (now known as Serenity Woods I think or something, I haven't gone back since management changed) but it was great! It was very limited, quality prizes (for back then), and just so good that I remember it. Now half the time if you ask me what hunts I've done, I can barely tell you.

I totally agree with the article that the hunts have been oversaturated a ton! But I still continue to do most of them and sometimes (but not often anymore) it doesn't feel as fun anymore. When you know you're getting into a grid-wide hunt...you almost need to sign up (if you want to fully complete it) to go to 300 places or more. Put up with tons of frusteration and such and I do feel bad for some of the creators who get harassed by crazy people who do the hunts.

But then again I've also been on the flip side of the coin, I remember doing this big grid wide hunt and the person forgot to set things for sale. So I thought it was polite to IM the owner, inform them with a slurl for where it is, and that this was going on. They totally flipped out and said I was harassing them when I behaved myself very well. So, I know that on either side people can be nuts.

Once again though this does not apply to everyone. Just because one per may be mean during a hunt doesn't mean everyone is. But I also feel that way towards the, what I find crazy, sterotype that follows "Oh if you do hunts or freebies then that means you don't shop or spend L$". Which is bloody crazy to me, because I know I don't do that; and a number of my friends don't do that either. Not to deny there aren't some that do but just overall I think making a stupid assumption like that is just as stated before..stupid.

But to help cut back on this I think there's some things creators and hunters can do alike.

Hunters -

- Don't harass creators (how many times have you heard this now? XD) If you have a problem, maybe ask a friend before asking the owner/creator. Now if it's something broken and the creator may not know, that's something different and you probably want to contact them to let them know there is an issue.

- Accept that some hunts pride themselves on being more difficult than others. Don't just fly around keep hunting and whinning about it, if you don't want to do it then...OMG don't do it!

- Be thankful that you're getting a gift at all. The gift may suck in yer terms but still, someone went out of time to make that thing you think is a piece of garbage. So that at least should be recognized.

- Don't expect everything you get in the hunt will be something you want. Just delete it, move on, mope that you may have spent 5 hours looking for that piece and just onto the next.

Creators -

- Seriously, the overkill of LMs and Notecards in the hunt pieces could really use a break. Making one notecard that includes, info, LM, whatever else you want to include is better than 5 notecards, 7 LMs, etc. etc.

- Realize that not everyone can act or handle themselves like an adult. There will be rude people or harassers or whatever; Ban them, Mute them, whatever you need to do and move on. They will exsist and there's not much you can do about it besides handle the situation the best you can.

- In Hunt signs or ones that you create or participate in. You may want to look into having a sign that explains what to do, LM to where they should be, or whatever needed info should be there. This is mostly for people that start hunts, also if you're going to do a hunt or try to pride yourself on it. Don't go trying to diss the other hunts or just be a general jerk yourself.

- Be appreciative that people are taking time out to do your hunt or stop by your store. Yes you did make that item but people have things to do and taking time to hunt can also be tiring on people. Especially if you didn't put that much effort because you're involved at 5 hunts at once.

These are just 4 tips that I think is good for either side. As always this is just my ramble and my opinion on the whole ordeal going on as of late. Not to say that any one hunt, or one place, or one person is bad - it's just things should shape up if they don't want to keep digging themselves a super deep hole of fail.

As always try to keep your Second Life fun. ^^

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Busy BareRose Bundle of Kitty

So...Happy New Year btw! I've been pretty busy with doing new BareRose projects and keeping up with the Lucky Kitty Crew as well.

Just a heads up there will be no pictures this post because I want you guys to see what I've been working on...

A BareRose Furry Catalogue. ^^

Temporarily it's only on Flikr for now but you can see reviews and outfits from a furry perspective. It explains where attachments goes and furry hints and the like. I hope those who check it out enjoy it and expect much more coming these next few weeks.

So yeah kinda dull post from me, sorries about that. I'll try to post more. ^^