Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cruelty to Furry? (Aka Shoes Rant)

Sorry this is going to unfortunately be a vent post. I apologize if I offend people but this drives me nuts!

So I'm checkin stuff for the Lucky Kitty Crew and checkin other blogs. Behold! I happen across the Footwear/Shoe Expo post coming up this July! While I love charity and good causes. There's one thing in SL that truely drives me batty...

It is not easy for a furry to mod, no lie there, but I'll do it if it means to look good. While bare feet are fine for most and this is probably only me who really has a problem I still dispise it. Cause there are many shoes out there (I won't name people cause it honestly would take too long) who are no copy or no mod or both and make it impossible for furries to wear or mod them to their feet or too their size liking.

So instead of continuing to go on, gonna share a couple of pics that really make me happy. I worked pretty hard on some, others not so much. But this is a thank you for places that have had no trans shoes available.

Shoes - RedCrozz's Strapped Thigh Highs
(Which is actually gone but the creator owns SkinWalkers which sell some sweet no trans shoes still)

Kies I'm done for now. >.>; *Sigh* I know deisgners create things for humans and don't expect them to do anything outside the box but I hope they start thinking that hey furries may be interested too.