Monday, June 30, 2014

Sleepy Dream Princess

I know there's so many events coming up and somehow it just came together in this weird little
idea I had, I called it the Sleepy Dream Princess. Basically just a magical princess in the sky
who watches over earth and their dreams, protecting them and sending sweet ones. ^ ^ She also has
a cute little kitty friend so she's not lonely up there by herself. ANYWAY! Some really cool
events are finishing up like the Tales of Fantasy event that the blindfold is from; so make sure
to check that out soon. I'm also jumping out of my seat for excitement for the upcoming OMG Gacha
Fair and Manga Fair, the items I've seen and even the ones I'm wearing are just too adorbs for
words!!! But those events unfortunately don't start until the 1st so I'm left waiting T^T Unyuu...
anyway, hope you like the looks remember to support some great creators. ^ ^

Outfit - Edelweiss - Irie 2.0 ( Event)
Hair - Elikatira -  Studio (Not Available)
Globe - TOMGA - stratty night Bottle
Bracelet - yumyums - pearl-heart-star}Way Girlie Bracelet C.Candy (Gacha)
Kitty - Amai - Chubby Neko. WalkMe Inusweets (Manga Fair Event)
Blindfold - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Thanatos~ day blindfold RARE (Tales of Fantasy Event Gacha)
Crown - Amai - De-lighted Crown. Inusweets [Static] (Manga Fair Event)
Backpack - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Moon~ pink bag (Manga Fair Event)
Necklace - yumyums - Plastik Candy {Yumyummy} ULTRA RARE (OMG Gacha Event)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Indoors but Ahoy!

I so love the little sailor looks, just so cuteee~ But yeah MotiAme put out some cute sailor themed outfits for Kustom 9 event (it goes on until July 10th). So make sure to check them out. I wasn't huge on accessories this time because I just love how simple looks can still be so adorable and pretty. ^ ^ Oh! And also I haven't really talked much about my new anime head. I think unlike 90% of the used heads, I went with the new Mokyu one instead of the Utilizator M3. Mostly because I loved how easy it was to work with for modding and applying the mod texture on, and it gives a lot more expressions to work with. Hopefully you guys like my updates and thank you for all the support. ^ ^

Hair - Rosy Mood - Lyra 2
Shoes/Socks - PARADISIS - My Warmers
Face Charms - Little Glass Wish - Starry Anime Face Charms
Ear Charms - Little Glass Wish - Starry Charms Earrings (Not Available Yet)

Glasses - BareRose - Toy Shop Girl Glasses
Shirt - MotiAme - Sailor Shirt Navy (Kustom 9)
Skirt - MotiAme - High Waisted Skirt Navy (Kustom 9)

Shirt - MotiAme - Sailor Shirt Black Border (Kustom 9)
Skirt - MotiAme - High Waisted Skirt Black (Kustom 9)

Shirt - MotiAme - Sailor Shirt Red Border(Kustom 9)
Skirt - MotiAme - High Waisted Skirt White (Kustom 9)

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sugar Rush!

So wow there's the huge Level Up event going on with a Racing theme to it! I had a lot of stuff to go over and ended up building a little racing area and getting some help since I can't drive three cars at once. XD When I was doing this all that came to mind was Sugar Rush from Wreck it Ralph, I wish people made Veneloppe cosplay so I could've gone all out for it.. but alas... Also next coming week is the BareRose event. Next Friday is a Sailor Outfit Summery Event, the outfit I'm wearing will be free to attendees. It's at 8pm SLT. ^ ^ Hope you like the looks!

On Serenity
Car - yumyums - Racing Calories Grape (Level Up Event)
Outfit - BareRose - Sailor Bikini Red (Event Gift)
Goggles - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Roo~ red aviator hat (Level Up Event)
Hair - Rosy Mood - Honey Dipper
Anime Head - Mokyu - Anime Head_HINA_Ver1.0 (Modded)

On Suguto
Car - yumyums - Racing Calories Strawberry (Level Up Event)
Outfit/Socks/Shoes - 109prims - Sailor Uniform
Ears - Zero Style - Nekomimi ears
Hair - Zero Style - Ichika Hair
Tail - Jerboa - Tail
Anime Head - Utilizator - M3 Head

On Hina
Car - Fuubutsu Dou - LBP-Mesh Racer-Cardboard (Level Up Event)
Bikini - Utilizator - Bikini for 2.0
Hair - LCKY - Alex Hair
Sarong - R3 - Kate Sarong
Shirt - Airflow - Tied shirt mesh
Anime Head - Utilizator - M3 Head

Cherry Racers - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Cherry Race~ (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Banner - Fuubutsu Dou - Start Banner (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Fence - Fuubutsu Dou - MESH Popsicle Fence (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Gumdrops - Fuubutsu Dou - GumDrop Big (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Gumdrops2 - Fuubutsu Dou - GumDrop Small (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Ramp - Fuubutsu Dou - Mesh Wood Block Ramp (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Trees - Fuubutsu Dou - Mesh Tree (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Bubbles - Fuubutsu Dou - Sculpt Bubbles (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Wands/Hoops - Fuubutsu Dou - Blue BubbleWand (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Wands/Hoops - Fuubutsu Dou - Pink BubbleWand (Gacha) (Level Up Event)
Popcorn Tunnel - Fuubutsu Dou - MESH Popcorn Box RARE (Gacha) (Level Up Event)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Demony Date

So we may be seeing a more demon like kitty in the upcoming posts since a lot of stores seem to be putting them out moreso. ^ ^ I don't mind but my angel-y wings seem to speak otherwise ;3; Regardless I wanted to point out I LOVE the idea for the giant bell that C.C. Kreations put out for the Instruments event going on right now. Plus I was really happy to see I could wear it with the Pantsu*Hunter Lunaris dress with this since it made it so the bell didn't interfere with the outfit, and had a nice nesting spot on my bewbler. Hehe~ Not to mention to keep tabs on Amai's latest horns because they release exclusive colors to certain groups or events as well. One group I like to pop in on is Lolita Haven since they have specials often and that's where my pink and white horns came from. The theme I went with for this outfit was pretty much trying to dress up a demonic girl for a date and it looking.. a little weird but she means well. Hope you like it. ^ ^

Hair - Rosy mood - Daylily
Shoes - Mango Cheeks - Nieka Heels: Slate (Feet Modded To Fit)

Dress - Pantsu*Hunter - lunaris .amethyst.
Collar/Bell - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {Gigabell~ candy} collar (Instruments Event)
Horns - Amai - Demon's Halo. Pantsu - Inusweets (Lolita Haven Special)

Dress - Pantsu*Hunter - lunaris .midnight.
Collar/Bell - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {Gigabell~ tenebra} collar (Instruments Event)
Horns - Amai - Demon's Halo. Ombre - Black/Grape

Dress - Pantsu*Hunter - lunaris .ocean.
Collar/Bell - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {Gigabell~ sun} collar (Instruments Event)
Horns - Amaia - Demon's Halo.  Bare - Vanilla

Monday, June 16, 2014

Sunny Day Date.

So, as I struggle to catch up on all the events going on~ Hello Sunshine Fair that MotiAme's latest outfit is at, with tons of color options. I really like how I can mix and match colors on these to make different looks even with the same outfit. The event is going on until July 5th. Also I couldn't wait to blog these cute little animal gacha hats from yumyums, which is a gacha at the Thrift Shop - which goes on until June 30th. ^ ^ Pretty simple little set up today for a Sunny Date, hope you enjoy it.

Hair - Chemistry HAIR - Bubbles
Shoes/Socks - PARADISIS - My Warmers
Face Charms - Little Glass Wish - Starry Anime Face Charms
Ear Charms - Little Glass Wish - Starry Charms Earrings (Not Available Yet)

[MotiAme] No sleeve blouse - Blue (Hello Sunshine Fair)
[MotiAme] Scalloped Shorts - Green (Hello Sunshine Fair)
Hat - .{yumyums}. - Mousie Party Animals {Grassy} (Thrift Shop Gacha)
Heart Bubble - TOMGA - heart bottle

[MotiAme] No sleeve blouse - Purple (Hello Sunshine Fair)
[MotiAme] Scalloped Shorts - Purple (Hello Sunshine Fair)
Hat - .{yumyums}. - Bunny Party Animals {Cupcake} (Thrift Shop Gacha)

[MotiAme] No sleeve blouse - White (Hello Sunshine Fair)
[MotiAme] Scalloped Shorts - Pink (Hello Sunshine Fair)
Hat - .{yumyums}. - Bunny Party Animals {Halo} (Thrift Shop Gacha)

[MotiAme] No sleeve blouse - Pink (Hello Sunshine Fair)
[MotiAme] Scalloped Shorts - White (Hello Sunshine Fair)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sushi It To Me~!

So yumyums put out some really nice geta recently and with all the Japanese themed things released at arcade and what not going on. I just had to do something a little zany this time! ^ ^ You can find yumyum's latest geta release (with many different purchase options on the straps of them) at the Thrift Shop Event. The forehead jewels that C.C. Kreations put out can also be found at the Fantasy Room event going on. Also how could I forgot to mention Arcade is going and Tomga isn't there but they also put out a new gacha and have a dollarbie hunt for the grand opening of their store going on as well. Make sure to check them all out! So many cool events going on! Hope you like the look. ^ ^

Kimono - Pixicat - Kimono Koi (Arcade Gacha)
Hair - Truth - Sakura [Light Blondes / Sushi] RARE (Modded at Arcade Gacha)
Geta - .{yumyums}. - Traditional Getta White (Thrift Shop Event)
Forehead Jewels - C.C Kreations - Lyra Gold Jewels (Fantasy Room Event)
Fan - TOMGA - rabit2 folding fan (Gacha)
Sushi Train Ride - Little Glass Wish - Sushi Train Float (R Hip) (Gacha)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Not Who You Expect

So this was a little weird take on RPG type games I've played in the past. Because it seems often that the Blacksmith or really talented mechanic can end up being a cute girl, that you wouldn't expect. XD So I went with that as a theme! I mixed cute with mechanic kinda, which works pretty well with the upcoming We Love Roleplay event going on now! I'm really lucky with the people I blog for, making things that come in multiple colors. I decided to stick with purple and blacky type tones for this cause I found it offsets a traditional mechanic outfit so they shine a lil brighter. ^ ^ The wrench from YumYums has a neat vibrating glow effect (wish I could've shown it off better here) and comes with different color choices for it. The C.C. Kreations horns also come on a multitude of colors at the event, but I really loved the 'wisdom' color myself. Plus I adore this cutesy hair LCKY put out awhile ago ;3; Soooo cute I don't wanna take it off! Other than that, I decided to glam it up with more cuteness and one of the best places to do so is Pantsu*Hunter so I went with the bows and pearlsy type to finish it off. Hope you like it. ^ ^

We Love Roleplay Event is -

Dress/LegPouches/Apron/Boots - BareRose - Airship Engineer Lady-L
Hair - LCKY - Rene Nonrigged
Horns - C.C. Kre-ations - {RavRav V2~ wisdom} horns -silver. (We Love RP Event)
Hairbow - Pantsu*Hunter - licentia .violet.
Wrench - Yumyums - Cyber Wrench {Purple} Handheld (We Love RP Event)
Socks/Pearl Garters - Pantsu*Hunter - lace socks & garter