Saturday, June 25, 2022

Goth Cake Delivery

 So little known fact about me is I was very goth during my teen years, and I decided to do something fun and make myself some goth makeup too. XD; I decided to work with some of the neat boots, that fit great, from Art&Ko which is at their main store. Revisited some  older releases from Junk Food and Bare Rose. Hope you like the look!

Boots - Art&Ko - Boots Set - Shoes

Main Store Location -

Junk Food - Junk Food - Hate Cake (Suck It!) Vanilla 3li

Main Store - 

Outfit - Bare Rose - ::: B@R ::: Kimono Metal-L

BareRose Main Store -

Bangs - *Alice Project* Lola Bangs - Infinity

Hair - .Olive. the Zodiac Collection - Aries Hair

Stockings - Insomnia Angel . witchy brew / curse stockings+garter

Pose - PoseShopUnDeux - Kungfu07R

Skybox - anxiety local v2

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Takeout Party of One!

 Sorry been a bit on a delay because I had some trouble working on stuff, RL things and SL complications. Today I'm reflecting on one of those relaxing days where you just wanna binge eat some delicious takeout foods. And omggggg I couldn't tell you how hungry I got working on this piece! It all looked so good. Hope you like the look!

Art&Ko - Sport Set - Hoody

Art&Ko - Sport Set - Pants

Main Store Location -

Junk Food - Chopsticks wear

Junk Food - Carton (Orange Chicken) wear

Junk Food - Carton (Beef & Broccoli) 5li

Junk Food - Carton (General Tso) 4li

Junk Food - Carton (Lo Mein) 5li

Junk Food - Carton (Sweet & Sour Chicken) 5li

Junk Food - Carton (Fried Rice) 4li

Junk Food - Fortune Cookie 1li

Junk Food - Fortune Cookie 1 REZ

Junk Food - Chinese Donuts 3li

Junk Food - Soy Sauce Packet 1li

Junk Food - Egg Rolls 2li

Junk Food - Chinese Takeout Bag 8li

Main Store - 

Hair - Doe: Bubbles

Pose - *OTA*m-sit003

Couch - LISP - Mesh - Odette Sofa White