Monday, August 25, 2014

BareRose 9th Anniversary!

So the main thing I'll be blabbing about is BareRose's 9th Anniversary is coming up this weekend. There's going to be upcoming hunts, multiple events, performances, fashion shows, etc. The outfit I'm wearing is going to be the gift at the Wonderland event going on, on Friday the 29th at 8pm SLT (event location tba). There will also be two additional secret gifts for attendees this time around too. ^ ^ This adorbs hair I'm sporting is the latest release from LCKY, make sure to check it out!

Outfit - BareRose - Mirukee EGL Gift (Free at the Event)
Hair - LCKY - Drippy

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Strawberry Fields Decora

So, normally I don't really delve into the Decora style though it can be downright cute! It's just so many accessories can feel like an overload to me. ^ ^ Some things that are note worthy are the new LCKY kitty gacha hats, the hairband is also a gacha item from Amai. C.C. Kreations has multiple colors of the facebands at District 5 (not sure how much longer that event is lasting!) and Pantsu*Hunter put out some adorbs new stockings, which go really well with their milkshake dress too! Plus I finally had a perfect fit for Tomga's boombox! Hope you all like the look. ^ ^

Outfit & Most Accessories - BareRose - Decora Chan
Hair - Utilizator - Hood Hair B tintable
Hat - LCKY - Cat Hat // Candy (Gacha)
Stockings - Pantsu*Hunter - Milkshake Stockings Pink Choco
Shoes - Sweet Thing - Lovely Creepers White
Hairpin - Amai -Chocolate Bat Hairpin. Choco. Inusweets RARE (Gacha)
Face Band - C.C Kreations - {Rebel~ sand} faceband (District 5)
Boombox - TOMGA - relax boombox pink

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Buying For Back to School.

So it's been that time of year with things going back to school. And the nice casual release from MotiAme at Kustom 9 made me wish I had those sort of clothes to wear when I was in school. ;3; I also fell in love with the binders that yumyums has available at District 5 too! Also the bone sweet nom from Amai is more meant as a cute accessory, but I couldn't resist to put it in my mouth and nom on it. Hehe. ^ ^ Hope you like the look.

Hair - Chemistry - Bubbles (Modded)
Hair Clips - Love Soul - Hair Accessory Stars Milky
Socks/Shoes - Paradisis - My Warmers
Bone Nom - Amai - Bone Decora Sprinkles Vanilla (Gacha Mania)

Dress - MotiAme - Floral Mini Dress Red (Kustom 9)
Jacket - MotiAme - Tied Denim Shirt Blue (Kustom 9)
Bag - yumyums - Calm Yo-self Bag [Right Hold I] {Summer} (District 5)
Binder - yumyums - Closed School Binder {B&E} (District 5)
Dress - MotiAme - Floral Mini Dress Yellow (Kustom 9)
Jacket - MotiAme - Tied Denim Shirt Black (Kustom 9)
Bag - yumyums - Calm Yo-self Bag [Right Hold I] {Spring} (District 5)
Binder - yumyums - Closed School Binder {Exploding Rainbow} (District 5)

Dress - MotiAme - Floral Mini Dress Red (Kustom 9)
Jacket - MotiAme - Floral Mini Dress White (Kustom 9)
Bag - yumyums -  Calm Yo-self Bag [Right Hold I] {Blossom} (District 5)
Binder - yumyums - Open School Binder {Stars} (District 5)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Breaking Noir

So I was going to go for a whole 'noir' theme but I did one of those weird takes on it with some bits having color while the majority still doesn't. I didn't do as well as I wanted but still works! New releases in this picture are from C.C Kreations and their hair accessories from Kagami, LCKY's release at the District 5 event hair, as well as BareRose's lola compatable version of the GL Kimono Mesh version. TOMGA has also had the plain out for a bit but I was struggling where to fit it in, so I felt happy placing it here. Make sure to check out the great releases from these creators and hope you like the look. ^ ^

 P.S. - Some side notes from Mokyu releases and others modding releases, I've changed my head's look up a bit. If you have the Mokyu head, don't forget to update!

Outfit/Shoes - BareRose - GL Yukata ME-L
Hair - LCKY - Andi (District 5 Event)
Hair Accessory 1 - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {Yoru~butterfly} hairclip (Kagami Event)
Hair Accessory 2 - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - {Yoru~flowers} hairclip (Kagami Event)
Paper Plane - TOMGA - white Paper Airplane
Eyes - POMF - Mokyu Hina Star Gazing Eyes Blue
Fangs - Mokyu - HINA-Applier-Kmono-Fang (comes with the kemono head mod)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Prized Possession Princess..

I don't know why but I get just weird ideas when I see new releases or random stuff I have. XD; This time was a slave princess that was locked up and caged, not really touched but just owned. You can't tell from the picture but the horns are really an amazing new release from Amai, the chains swing to and fro on them and just really well done! This lacey little dress is a new release from Pantsu*Hunter, it comes in multiple colors but I liked the white for the theme of this picture. Obviously I'm still stuck on the C.C. Kreations heels too. ^ ^ Hope you all enjoy it.

Dress - Pantsu*Hunter - cotton candy .white.
Horns - Amai - Snarkprincess Horns. Vanilla (Candy Shop Event)
Rose Cage - Forest Feast - Cage of Rose White
Shoes - C.C Kreations - Papilio White Pumps Slink H
Crown - Tentacio - crown black (Gacha at Chapter 4)
Necklace - Nomine - Disturbia chain collar (Not Available)
Hair - Elikatira - Thrive *Modded* (Not Available)

Friday, August 1, 2014

Captain FluttahHeart Pirate

Ok so this one is a little weird, I apologize. But the Fuubutsu Dou release for the Kagami event (that starts today!)  with the skulls made me kinda relate it to pirate-y type things, so I took a weird twist with a pirate having a pirate tea set... and open seat for her next victim~ But then I went a typical kinda derpy route and look how I always do. XD; So I guess my original intention botched up since I'm so weird. The hairstyle I thought went great for a pirate look though, it's from LCKY for the Femboy Hunt 5 (That starts today as well!) it's also only L$2 for this hairstyle so it's a real bargain, especially with all the piratey releases coming  up, don't forget to pick it up! The majority of this outfit is available in a amazing gacha yumyums is putting out at the Fantasy Gacha Fair (starts today too wow!) Ooops, almost forgot another cool hunt item was the face strap I'm sporting is part of a L$5 Blues Hunt that C.C Kreations is in (do I even need to mention that starts today as well!?). Hope you all like the looks and remember, I'd probably make one of the worse pirates ever~

Dress - yumyums. - Miss Captain Heart Dress {FITmesh} RARE (Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Hair - LCKY - Hebiko (Femboy 5 Hunt)
Faceband - C.C. Kreations - {The Void} face band (The Blues Hunt)
Shoes - yumyums - Miss Captain Heart Bootie SLink High {Red} (Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Hat - yumyums - Miss Captain Heart Hat {Red} (Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Eyepatch - yumyums - Miss Captin Heart Patch - Right Eye {Red} (Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Teacase - Fuubutsu Dou - TeaCase (Kagami Event)
Bonseki Set - Fuubutsu Dou - Bonseki Set (Kagami Event)