Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The sign read NO MOD but I read it as NO FURRY

This is a really personal post that's near and dear to my heart since I am very much furry. Lately in SL there's been these crazy copybot scares going on. Everywhere I turn I see No Mod on hair and almost everything I want to buy now. I know creators are trying to protect themselves and maybe furries are only a small portion of people they sell to but goddam. It's getting crazy, I don't know where I can buy hair almost anymore and I can mod it to the color I like or size to fit my furry head or even attach it to my head to save on prim room.

I know almost no one reads this blog or whatever but I wish creators wouldn't forget that maybe a couple furry customers may be interested in your stuff but without modding you're probably not going to have us come back. The funny thing is - is that creators think that doing this protects their stuff when there have been ways proven to get around it. I wouldn't dare copybot even if someone payed me to, but I hope creators realize this...I'm tired of seeing these signs that say NO MOD and all I read it as is NO FURRY.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dreams come True!

Last week I went to prom which was absolutely amazing to me! (Especially since IRL I never got to have one.) But something even more unreal happened to me! Hinamori made me a prom queen..no...his prom queen. ^//////////^ He's prom king too which makes it all the better! I can't put into words how happy I am. (Especially since these are one of a kind only Alienbear crowns! Wow! @/////@)

Thank you Hinamori Burleigh for making my dreams come true. :3

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cruelty to Furry? (Aka Shoes Rant)

Sorry this is going to unfortunately be a vent post. I apologize if I offend people but this drives me nuts!

So I'm checkin stuff for the Lucky Kitty Crew and checkin other blogs. Behold! I happen across the Footwear/Shoe Expo post coming up this July! While I love charity and good causes. There's one thing in SL that truely drives me batty...

It is not easy for a furry to mod, no lie there, but I'll do it if it means to look good. While bare feet are fine for most and this is probably only me who really has a problem I still dispise it. Cause there are many shoes out there (I won't name people cause it honestly would take too long) who are no copy or no mod or both and make it impossible for furries to wear or mod them to their feet or too their size liking.

So instead of continuing to go on, gonna share a couple of pics that really make me happy. I worked pretty hard on some, others not so much. But this is a thank you for places that have had no trans shoes available.

Shoes - RedCrozz's Strapped Thigh Highs
(Which is actually gone but the creator owns SkinWalkers which sell some sweet no trans shoes still)

Kies I'm done for now. >.>; *Sigh* I know deisgners create things for humans and don't expect them to do anything outside the box but I hope they start thinking that hey furries may be interested too.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lucky Kitty Crew

Well if you haven't known by now I run a group called the Lucky Kitty Crew. It was started long time ago (before over half of these other freebie groups xP) and it was very small. XD

But now it's kinda underground knowledge about our freeb hunting crew because we do more than the normal ones since we do lucky chairs, hunts, etc. Now I know some people are like - wait other groups do that too? Why bother?

Cause I don't like the way half the other groups are run. XDDD So if you get a chance check out the group or the newly created blog for the group (mostly posted in it by the members themselves) Lucky Kitty Crew Blog. Or it is also now listed in my links.
Interested in what this kitty is holding so dear?Might wanna make sure to check out the LKC blog later on and find out what this is all about. ;3

Friday, March 14, 2008

Message from School

Well it's almost Spring Break time for this kitty and I'm really looking forward to two posts about some fave stores of mine coming up. The Lucky Kitty Crew (http://luckykittycrew.blogspot.com) is gaining a blog that I may be able to put impact on but not much really. It's been nuts with freebs and hunts, sometimes a bit overwhelming on my end. @.@

Plus it doesn't help that my shopping partner in crime Loli (http://lolinori.blogspot.com) is MIA due to irl stuffs. :< So it's been tough on this little kitty. Hopefully after this weekend...okay after March 17th (If you don't know it's St. Patty's Day that day and madness will be sure to occur)!

Also today is White Day! It's a japanese holiday that me and my hunny celebrate, it's a cute lil tradition that doesn't really apply to where I live but I love it all the same. So happy shopping and freebing and most of all Happy White Day!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Makin' it Miko!

So on a random urge felt the need to go shopping. I decided to hit up Westy's because of it's low price and cute things. Loli never went before so I dragged her along too! In the picture I'm wearing the BareRose Bloody Amaryllis and Loli is wearing Dark Sentry Lady from BareRose as well!
This is also a good time to mention Loli's amazing skins that she makes! This is her newest one (if it's not out yet it should be coming out shortly) the Vampire skin, it was featured above but also has this sweet bloody mouth version. Oh did I also mention you can get these for FREE at BareRose's freebie section?

One of the things that originally grabbed my attention were the neat face covering freebs from Westy's. I don't think it'll work well on me but I'll have to try it out later. XD
Once I told Loli I was taking her pic, she changed into BareRose's Lady White/Lady Black outfit, still in the sweet Vampire Skin. I wonder if the gothic kinda skin would work on furries? Hmm...So overall this is Westy's, they have a broad range from uniforms, casual wear, swimwear, and various other outfits. If I remember correctly not a single thing cost over L$30!! I ended up picking up their Miko outfit. If you don't know what is a Miko is, click here for the Wiki. Had a little problem with the attachments cause the front sleeves would take off part of my forearm and I think the chest attachment got lost in my big chest (big compared to most of SL I guess. LOL)

Then I decided, why not show off my other Miko outfits while I'm at it? So next up is a combo between the Miko Dress from BareRose. Some charm I got from a japanese gachapon machine (they're sculpted and neat!). And the sleeves from the Miko outfit at Westy's.

Then this is the normal Miko Dress just without all the other combinations. Also this location is at the little relaxation area kinda temple place in BareRose's White Wolf sim.

Next up is the 2nd half of the Miko Dress outfit, what I like to call the Dark Miko. It's just mostly with black trim instead of white and comes with the Miko Dress as well. I wore it in the BareRose Dueling Arena and turned it to midnight for a dark effect.

Last but certainly not least out of my Miko closet is the FREE Miko dress available from Little Heaven. You can get it free from a dumpster of goodies outside the shop! This pose location was at the arrival point at Little Heaven as well. Once again I had some attachment problems but luckily it's no trans so I'll be able to mod some parts together to help my tail out.

Looking forward to the next post on the nest. ^^ Seems to be going well so far but then again we've only just begun!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Blog v2.0

Decided to nix the old blog idea since it wasen't generating the response I was really looking for. So now it's become just somewhere I post when I feel up for it, I guess. ^^;
I'll still reference my outfits and such so I guess it's kinda fashion related to a point. XD But yeah, I also changed the layout so it looked prettier. :3 I think the next post I'll do more of an introduction about who I am and what I do, but for now this is just a heads up for those who used to read that I am revamping the blog and hopefully it'll work out better.

So to kick it off on this whole kinda 'reborn' theme I decided to pop myself in the almost secret Healing Spot of BareRose. While I was there, I thought "Wtf am I gonna wear?", figured a BareRose outfit would be most fitting. Since I'm still on the reborn thing I thought the Megami outfit in the Creation version would be best suited. (If you check out the link it'll show ya the price and has the tp location if ya wanna buy it!) So all set with that and with Windlight SL in tow, here's some more pics!